Sunday, April 14, 2024

Google Introduces Plan to Use Generative AI to Take Over the Internet – AI’s Real Threat to Society

by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News:

Google announced its new plans for AI this week at their annual I/O developer conference, and to say that not everyone in the Tech Industry was thrilled by their plans to integrate Generative AI into their search engine, would be an understatement.

Emily Dreibelbis, writing for PC Magazine, published one of the more apocalyptic articles warning that Google could basically destroy most websites on the Internet.

The Kennedy Assassination That No One Ever Talks About

from State Of The Nation:

JFK and RFK are not the only sons of Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. who were brutally assassinated by the Khazarian Mafia

Submitted by Revisionist Historians for World Peace
SOTN Exclusive

Who doesn’t know that Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. ardently wanted his eldest son — Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. — to become the first Catholic president of the United States?

Florida Gov. DeSantis Announces He is Permanently Banning Covid Mandates, Banning Gain-of-Function Research

by Kyle Becker, Becker News:

Governor Ron DeSantis has announced that he is permanently banning Covid mandates in schools and businesses in the State of Florida. These new measures aim to protect Florida residents from the authoritarian rules and regulations that were imposed nationwide during the pandemic.

One of the key bills focuses on preserving individual freedom and solidifies the safeguards that were implemented in the Sunshine State over the past two years. Notably, the legislation permanently prohibits vaccine mandates, ensuring that residents have the autonomy to make their own healthcare decisions.


from The Jimmy Dore Show:


You were just a Lab Rat: Covid Vaccines have caused a Dangerous & Deadly Alliance between Graphene, Nanobots, mRNA, and Nanotechnology


by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

In the shadowy realm of nanotechnology, a chilling alliance has emerged, one that holds the potential to shape our future in ways unimaginable.

At the heart of this union lies the insidious presence of lipid nanoparticles, tiny carriers designed to transport genetic material deep into our cells.

But behind their seemingly innocuous facade lies a dystopian reality, where the boundaries of human control and manipulation blur.

Could Aspirin Have Cut COVID Deaths in Half?


by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mercola:

  • There was a massive discrediting propaganda campaign hurled at aspirin by Big Pharma fifty years ago when it came out with expensive and dangerous non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs)
  • Aspirin is a staple medicine that is frequently recommended as a remedy to control inflammation and prevent blood clots. It could have helped limit the pandemic death toll, had it not been downplayed and ignored

“This Is VERY Concerning Russell” | Dr John Campbell Interview


from Russell Brand:


James Comer Says 9 out of 10 Biden Crime Witnesses are in Jail, Court or Missing

from The Conservative Treehouse:

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer reappears with Maria Bartiromo today to update on the status of the Biden crime family investigation. {Direct Rumble Link Here}

During the interview Chairman Comer informs Ms Bartiromo that nine out of ten people that would be considered material witnesses for the intent of the committee investigation are either in jail, in court, or missing.  Additionally, Comer states those who do have information are intimidated and fear for their lives. WATCH:

America’s ‘Cultural Revolution’ Is Like Mao’s Propaganda

by Rob and Andrew, America Outloud:

They don’t know much about America, but Gen Zers and Xers hate it. To them, America is the worst place to live. Never mind the fact that they have never lived anywhere else other than America.

A country that has and will give them the most incredible opportunities because of their birthright. When Gen Zers and Xers were born, they hit the jackpot. Illegals are storming our borders, trying to get here and get a taste of what they have, but these pampered, clueless millennials don’t even realize it.

WATCH: SOLUTION TO European Energy CRISIS! – THIS Company Is Fighting Back!

from World Alternative Media:


Girl, 6, Performed Oral Sex in Class With Teacher in Room

by Alex Newman, The New American:

As LGBT propaganda and sex mania takes over government kindergartens across America, those warning of a “slippery slope” have been proven right yet again with yet another horrific scandal. In fact, after this one, parents are slowly waking up to the fact that their children are not safe in the government’s hands.

Critics say government “educators” and the sex-ed fanatics have some serious explaining to do after a 6-year-old girl at a government school in Texas was forced to perform oral sex on a boy in first-grade class. Classmates filmed the monstrous crime on April 19 even as a teacher was in the room, according to news reports.

Daydreaming the Guns Away

by W.R. Wordsworth, American Thinker:

We find ourselves living in a highly consequential time for the legal clarification of the 2nd Amendment. Extremely aggressive, wide-ranging bans of semi-automatic firearms have been enacted in various parts of the country, drawing legal challenges. While the ultimate resolution of these challenges is unknowable, many observers believe the Supreme Court will eventually arrive at a decision prohibiting the wholesale banning of semi-automatic firearms. Those who dream of eliminating all private gun ownership in the United States face the prospect of a devastating legal defeat.

Vera Sharav – Holocaust Survivor Says Smart Cities Are Modern-Day Concentration Camps

from mariazeee:


“It’s Just Not Safe”: Decades-Old Baltimore Business Closes Shop Because Of Crime, Blames Democrats

from ZeroHedge:

In cities stretching from Washington, D.C., to Baltimore, New York City, Chicago, and numerous cities along the West Coast, progressive leadership has failed to enforce law and order. These crime-ridden metropolises are experiencing an exodus of businesses of all sizes due to a tidal wave of thefts.

The latest incident comes as a mom-and-pop business, operating in Baltimore City for more than four decades, has been forced to shutter operations because of numerous armed robberies.

Jody Rosoff, the owner of Doc’s Smoke Shop in Baltimore’s Highlandtown neighborhood, told local media Fox 45 that she has been robbed at gunpoint for the second time in six months and just recently had to shoot an intruder.