Friday, December 1, 2023

3 Videos Explain Pathway for Silver to Soar from $23 to $45 an ounce by 2024

by Jon Forrest Little, Silver Seek:

  1. Global mining supply is at the largest downtrend in World History. A few days ago, Mexico, the World’s largest producer with hundreds of mining districts, BANNED OPEN PIT MINING. Open pit mining is how you mine Silver, so Mexico banned it altogether by banning open pit mining.
  2. World Demand is at all-time highs. The push to NetZero emissions by 2030, 2040, and 2050 (milestones) has emerging renewable energy sources, including solar panels, batteries, and electric vehicles. This total electrification uses enormous amounts of Silver.

Reporter Reveals He Tried to Call Secret Phone Number in Hunter Biden Docs and Joe Picked Up!

by Kyle Becker, Becker News:

Investigative reporter John Solomon actually did something few journalists would have the chutzpah to try: Call a ‘secret’ phone number in the Hunter Biden documents.

And as fate would have it, Joe Biden picked up! That’s according to the veteran journalist.

Solomon said Joe Biden answered the phone, but then promptly hung up.

Intelligence officer Jeffrey Prather talks with Mike Adams about China, Taiwan, Russia, Ukraine and domestic COLLAPSE

from Health Ranger Report:


We are ready for competition with the West – Putin

from RT:

No domination lasts forever, the Russian president has said

No types of monopoly or domination are eternal, and Russia is ready to compete with the West, President Vladimir Putin told an audience in Moscow on Thursday.

Russian companies are ready to compete, they only need help with promoting their businesses, Putin told the ‘Strong Ideas for a New Time’ forum, organized by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI).

Atlanta Airport goes full dystopian, using digital facial recognition IDs, fulfilling Klaus Schwab’s prophecy that humans will be digitized and many nations will adopt China’s ‘very attractive model’ for 24/7 surveillance

by Leo Hohmann, Leo Hohmann:

World Economic Forum founder and executive director Klaus Schwab heaped praise on the Chinese Communist Party this week for adopting “new COVID control measures” while boosting “social dynamism” at the WEF’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions.

We will break down in this article what Schwab means by “social dynamism.” This is important, why? Because Schwab, a globalist, futurist a transhumanist, holds immense sway over many of our Western politicians in Canada, the U.S., Australia, etc., at both the state and federal levels.

URGENT: the cardiovascular death toll from mRNA Covid jabs is hugely underreported, peer-reviewed studies suggest

by Alex Berenson, Unreported Truths:

#DiedSuddenly indeed. Autopsies and medical reviews in Japan and Qatar suggest the shots killed thousands of young adults within weeks of injection; most deaths were never linked to the jabs.

How risky are the mRNA Covid shots from Pfizer and Moderna?

The short answer is: vaccine fanatics don’t want to know. They attack anyone who questions even obvious post-jab deaths – the “#DiedSuddenly” cardiovascular deaths in healthy people under 50.

Trump Plan To Bypass Congress and Starve ‘The Deep State’

by Philip Wegmann, Real Clear Wire:

Sources close to former President Trump say he has a plan for keeping Congress from ever again forcing him into “disgraceful” and “ridiculous” spending situations. If he returns to the White House, Trump will seek to resurrect authority that Congress stripped from the presidency almost a half century ago.

What President Nixon squandered, his campaign promises, Trump will restore, namely the impoundment power. “A lot of you,” the former president told a New Hampshire crowd Thursday, “don’t know what that is.” Indeed, few now remember it.

WEF Lobbied Dutch Government to Push Great Reset

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

reported that the Dutch government funded several studies that promoted major institutions buying land for rental units. I wrote that the government wanted to normalize permanent renting as we go toward Agenda 2030 and 15-minute cities. The University of Amsterdam published “Buy-to-Live vs. Buy-to-Let: The Impact of Real Estate Investors on Housing Costs and Neighborhoods” and found that the middle class was able to enter the housing market for the first time when not competing with big investors. Yet, they said a lack of institutional investment in real estate caused rentals to rise and was negative. The University of Oxford produced “Keeping Up with the Blackstones: Institutional Investors and Gentrification,” saying that white homeowners needed to be priced out of the market to combat gentrification. Real estate is one of many aspects the World Economic Forum is trying to take over to finalize the Great Reset.


from Jim Crenshaw:


Interest on the National Debt Poised to Rise at an Alarming Rate

by Peter Schiff, Schiff Gold:

Since the end of the fake debt ceiling fight on June 2, the Treasury has borrowed an additional $700 billion pushing the national debt over $32 trillion. Looking at the interest rates on this new debt, it becomes clear that the US government has a big problem.

The surge in borrowing in the wake of the debt ceiling deal was expected. The Treasury is playing catch-up after nearly six months up against its borrowing limit. But even after the Treasury replenishes the federal government’s checking account (called the Treasury General Account or TGA at the New York Federal Reserve Bank), borrowing won’t suddenly stop.

U.S. Pushes The World To Ditch The Dollar

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

The United States is at fault for pushing the globe toward other currencies as countries continue to ditch the dollar. Aleksey Mozhin, Russia’s representative at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) told RIA Novosti on Monday that the U.S. is creating conditions that make the dollar undesirable.

The U.S. dollar has been on a downslide for quite some time.

De-Dollarization Ramps Up As China Receives First Yuan-Settle LNG Shipment

FBI’s Iris Biometrics Repository Reaches 2.5 Million With Tech From Iris ID

by Bianca Gonzalez, Activist Post:

According to a company statement from Iris ID, the FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) Iris Service now has roughly 2.5 million identities within the FBI’s repository and is growing at a rate of 100,000 new identities a month. The service has another fifteen million identities in other federal government databases.

Iris ID remains the lead supplier of iris image collection technology for the FBI’s iris recognition service, according to the announcement. The software has been the lead supplier since the program piloted in 2014.


from Ivory Hecker:




from Jim Crenshaw: