Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Stunning Moment That The Palestinian Battle Flag Was Taken Down As The Stars And Stripes Is Re-Raised Up Over City College of New York Campus

by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

The American flag was re-raised at City College of New York after anti-Israel protesters removed it and replaced it with a Palestinian flag at the Harlem Heights campus.

It has already gotten more intense than anyone thought it would go, and nowhere near how high things will likely go this summer as pro-Hamas and pro-Palestinian rioters do battle with police in New York City and across the country. In a stunning moment yesterday at the City College of New York, police removed the Palestinian flag that was flying, trashed it, and re-raised the American Stars and Stripes in its place. This is the very definition of what takes place on the battlefield in war, and brother, we are at war.

A Deployable Mosquito Tech Can Execute, Incapacitate, or Vaccinate & The Age Of Emergency Governance

from TheLastAmericanVagabond:

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Mel K & Dr. Drew | Lessons Learned & Reimagining the Future of Medicine

from The Mel K Show:

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When Gasoline is $100 per Gallon

by John Klar, American Thinker:

It is a mathematical fact that gasoline in the U.S. will eventually rise to $100 for a gallon (perhaps $130 for those interested in higher octane).

This is not fear-mongering, but basic arithmetic and economics.  Here’s why.

The price of goods and labor is directly linked to money supply and market factors.  This is not merely “supply and demand” economics, but an issue of overheating (or overleveraging) an economy by printing and/or borrowing too much money.  When a government prints more money than the underlying economy is generating in real wealth, this is essentially a form of borrowing, often called “debt monetization.”


from The Salty Cracker:

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Massive Rallies Break Out in Japan Against WHO’s Pandemic Treaty. – ‘Don’t Underestimate the Japanese’

by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

“Let’s stop the third atomic bomb with our hands, in the hands of the Japanese people!” April 13, 2024, will be etched in the annals of modern Japanese history as tens of thousands of citizens across the nation came together in a series of pandemic rallies. The protests centered on the widespread opposition to the Pandemic Treaty, with escalating concerns over “infectious disease” and “public health” becoming potent tools for an unprecedented push towards what is perceived by many as a totalitarian surveillance society.Source

Russia Claims to Have Destroyed U.S.-Made Strykers in Combat in Ukraine

by Oliver JJ Lane, Breitbart:

Russia claims to have destroyed four U.S.-made Stryker armoured fighting vehicles, the donation of which constitutes a significant component of American military support of Ukraine’s war effort.

The alleged combat success came in one of the daily Russian digests of their perspective of the war, saying they had launched a strike against the Ukrainian army near Zaporozhye. The casualties they claimed were severe, asserting they had “eliminated” 195 Ukrainian soldiers and a selection of heavy equipment.

The Venezuelan Govt. Is Using Prisoners as a Proxy Force, Then Releasing Them with Fake IDs

by J.G. Martinez D, The Organic Prepper:

We all know the misbehaviors committed by the de facto rulers of a certain country in South America. The government in Venezuela is releasing prisoners to do their dirty work, then allowing them to head off to parts unknown. I won´t give details but will focus on the consequences instead, as these are going to have an important impact on the life of the country in a matter of a few months.

The United States-Ukraine security pact is lipstick on a bloody defeat for NATO

by Finian Cunningham, Strategic Culture:

The United States and Ukraine are moving toward signing a 10-year bilateral security pact. But former Pentagon analyst David Pyne sees it as a sign that Washington realizes Russia is near to outright victory in the conflict.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has this week renewed talk about signing a long-term security alliance with the United States. The Biden administration seems to be amenable to signing off on the pact.

Such a move may appear to give the U.S. a long-term foothold in Ukraine but, says Pyne, it is being proposed from a position of weakness, not strength.

With Non-Stop World-Wide Chaos, It Won’t Be Long Before America Is Completely ‘Occupied,’ By Foreign Military Forces Who Are Already Here, And We’ll Be Living A Real Life ‘Red Dawn’

by Rob Pue, All News Pipeline:

Many have asked me what my thoughts are on the “surprise” attack on Israel by Hamas on October 7. Thousands of missiles began raining down on indiscriminate targets in Israel just before dawn that day. At the same time, hundreds of armed fighters descended on Israel — using motorboats, paragliders and motorcycles. Bulldozers also breached border fences between Gaza and Israel.

It was truly a scene of “shock and awe” as militants marched through the streets, burst into homes and began shooting residents. Others, including women, children and the elderly were taken hostage. Hamas is threatening to kill the hostages one by one and film the executions.


from Smoke&Mirrors:

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BREAKING: OUR FATE HAS BEEN SEALED! – Saudi Arabia & 5 More Countries LEAVE The Dollar! – BRICS

from World Alternative Media:

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from TheCrowhouse:

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The Real Panic Hasn’t Even Started Yet – Peak Prosperity

from Peak Prosperity:

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