Thursday, April 25, 2019

Be Evil: Whistleblower Exposes Google Plan for Censored Search Engine in China

by Jake Johnson, The Anti Media:

In a move human rights groups are warning could have grave implications for internet freedom across the globe, Google is reportedly preparing to launch a “censored version” of its search engine in China that will automatically blacklist terms and websites related to peaceful dissent, free expression, and democracy.

According to The Intercept‘s Ryan Gallagher, who first reported on the tech giant’s plans on Wednesday, “The project—code-named Dragonfly—has been underway since spring of last year, and accelerated following a December 2017 meeting between Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai and a top Chinese government official.”

Progressives in Denial as Mueller Clears Trump

from BATR:

All the fanfare with the release of the Mueller Report three page summaries has the corporatist and defiance media in a tizzy. The deranged progressive zombies that follow every word that Rachel ‘MAD’ Maddow, bleeds out are wiping their own tears that the preordained narrative to bury the Trump movement is premature. Sorry, no celebration for the duped, delusional dregs in search of the most dangerous obstacle to their Marxist redistribution wonderland. The hate machine that trashes all things Trump has perfected the ‘Big Lie’. Accepting all the news that is unfit to print or the social media trolls which reinforce the ‘Fake News’ propaganda that the enlightened leftist cable toadies read off their Teleprompters, is like overdosing on a feel good drug before the inevitable crash.

Where Does Our Attention Belong: Kavanaugh or Yemen?

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

There are reports that the Washington-initiated and militarily- supported Saudi Arabian war against Yemen have a starving Yemeni population eating leaves.

The Saudis, with Washington’s GPS support, continue to target school busses, massacring children as an element of the terror assault against the population, trying to break Yemeni resistance by murdering children on school busses. Washington continues to supply the Saudis with the weapons to target school buses and the diplomatic support to protect the criminal Saudi regime from war crimes charges. The European cowards turn their heads. Even Russia is silent.
Putin’s “partnership” with the criminal state of Saudi Arabia is more important.

Corruption Much, Florida?

by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

I have long written on the lack of the Rule of Law and what it means for America.

It was the focus back in 2008 when I started writing The Market Ticker and has remained so since.

Nobody went to jail after 2008.  Almost-literally nobody.  The fraud was endemic, it was massive, it spanned trillions of dollars of securities and properties yet exactly nobody in the large firms most-responsible went to prison.

Broward Couny has long been the seat of election corruption.  The SOE there was implicated by a judge — not just partisan political candidates — in a long series of criminal violations of Florida law, including ballot destruction long before the period of time for retention had run that made inspection of the results of a race impossible.

How The Full Declassification Of This FISA Warrant Could Trigger The ‘Great Awakening’

by Richard Enos, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:A full declassification of the FISA warrant on Carter Page that authorized the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign before the 2016 elections may hold the key to uncovering crimes perpetrated by Deep State players in the American political arena.
  • Reflect On:Is the ‘Great Awakening’ all about the political efforts of ‘patriots’ trying to reveal the truth behind hidden partisan maneuvers? Or is it something more that we all play an active role in?

Trump’s attorney general nominee William Barr blows apart Mueller investigation (Video)

by Alex Christoforou, The Duran:

It is common knowledge by this point of the investigation that special counsel Robert Mueller has no collusion case against Donald Trump.

With William Barr set to take over the DOJ, it is now looking like Mueller’s hope for an obstruction case against Trump is all but over…leaving the Mueller witch hunt with nothing more than a washed up porn star, a 1990’s playboy centerfold, and some dubious claims that Trump somehow violated campaign finance law.

Michael Avenatti Indicted on 36 Counts – Accused of Ripping Off Mentally Ill Paraplegic Client – Faces 335 Years in Prison

by Cristina Laila, The Gateway Pundit:

Embattled creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti was hit with a 36-count indictment on Thursday for fraud, perjury, failure to pay taxes, embezzlement and other financial crimes, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Avenatti is accused of stealing “millions of dollars from five clients and used a tangled web of shell companies and bank accounts to cover up the theft.”

According to the Times, Avenatti hid a $4 million settlement from one of his clients who was a mentally ill paraplegic man on disability.

Experts Warn Of Chaos For The U.S. Economy As China Declares That “The Biggest Trade War In Economic History” Has Begun

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Nothing is going to be the same after this.  On Friday, the United States hit China with 34 billion dollars in tariffs, and China immediately responded with similar tariffs.  If it stopped there, this trade war between the United States and China would not be catastrophic for the global economy.  But it isn’t going to stop there.  Donald Trump is already talking about hitting China with an additional 500 billion dollars in tariffs, which would essentially cover pretty much everything that China exports to the U.S. in a typical year.  The Chinese have accused Trump of starting “the biggest trade war in economic history”, and they are pledging to fight for as long as it takes.  As I discussed yesterday, the only way that one side is going to “win” this trade war is if the other side completely backs down, and that simply is not going to happen.  So there is going to be economic pain, and that pain is likely to intensify for as long as this trade war persists.  U.S. businesses that will be affected by foreign tariffs are already cutting back production and laying off workers, and CNN is reporting that 1,300 products have suddenly become more expensive for U.S. consumers.  There will be nowhere that anyone can hide from this trade war, and it will ultimately affect every single man, woman and child in the entire country.

Govt Kidnaps Innocent Elderly Man, Forcibly Injects Him with Drugs—Gives Him $50 Gift Card for Steak

by Jack Burns, The Free Thought Project:

A senior citizen was kidnapped by police, taken to a local hospital, and forced to take injections of psychiatric drugs and they had the wrong guy.

Meadville, PA — Eugene Wright told reporters he still has nightmares about being kidnapped, caged, and forced to take drugs. The 63-year-old Meadville man says he was just minding his own business outside his home in June of 2017 when he was taken into custody by police at the request of Stairways Behavioral Health.

They claimed Wright was threatening people at a local physician’s office but he told the police and the representative from Stairways that was impossible because he was at work. What happened next was nothing short of a living hell and resembled a scene out of 1984. Wright says he’s now suing for having his civil rights violated. He said:

While at the Meadville Medical Center he and his lawyers say he was injected with Halcion and Ativan, an anti-psychotic and an anti-anxiety drug. He described how utterly helpless he was to stop the assault on his health and his freedom. He said:

Once doctors, and the hospital who should have first identified him correctly, realized they’d made a horrendous and horrific mistake, they apologized and gave him a $50 gift card to a local steakhouse—seriously.

Named as defendants in his lawsuit are the Meadville police, Meadville Medical Center and Stairways Behavioral Health.

The case will likely end with a judgment or settlement in Wright’s favor. He will almost certainly win a large cash settlement, which if settled through the city’s insurance company, will lead to higher taxes for the average Meadville citizen. Errors in judgment involving medical centers often end with multi-million dollar payouts. Sometimes the amounts are undisclosed while others are published.

But when police are involved, who arguably should be experts at determining a citizen’s identity, the stakes are much higher. Not only do the police become agents operating in conjunction with private behavioral health organizations, they also rightfully earn the criticism of being strong arms of an ever-expanding police state.

Worse still, the hospital attempted to bribe the senior citizen with a $50 gift card. An elderly citizen’s freedom taken away from him, his mental health was compromised by dual injections of medicines long believed to contribute to the deterioration of one’s overall well-being, and they incredulously attempted to give him a meal and send him on his way.

The entire incident wreaks of fascism where an overbearing government along with corporations control the police to do their bidding. Wright’s case is just an alarming instance of a much broader phenomenon where American citizens are seeing their rights, freedoms, and ability to choose their own health paths compromised by an all-powerful government and its police force.

For the skeptic, we provide the common occurrence of forced blood draws. Just this past fall we reported the case of a Mesa, Arizona woman who was kidnapped by police at a gas station, charged with a DUI, and taken to a local hospital where her blood was drawn for the purposes of using her blood against her in a court of law. She had committed no crime and they found nothing in her blood.

Wright’s case is just the latest in a string of judicial overreaches involving citizens’ health. One only has to recall the Utah case of the unlawful arrest of a Salt Lake City nurse who refused to cooperate with police—who were intent on forcibly drawing a patient’s blood without his consent—to conclude the police state is growing larger and more powerful, emboldened by an inability to control itself and its agents.

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In May, A FEMA ‘National Level Exercise’ Simulated A Hurricane Which Devastated East Coast, Took Down The Grid And Severely Damaged Nuclear Power Plant – Might Reality Soon Mimic Fiction?

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

In this September 11th story over at WTOP in Washington DC, they report that just months ago, disaster planners for FEMA along with the Argonne National Laboratory conducted a simulation of a Category 4 hurricane striking along the middle of the East coast, with fictional ‘Hurricane Cora‘ barreling into southern Virginia and up the Chesapeake Bay, actually striking Washington DC.

Reporting that the result was catastrophic damage as Cora devastated the East coast, knocking out power to gas stations all across the mid-Atlantic, taking down much of the electrical grid, sending debris into major shipping channels and damaging a nuclear power plant while creating Hurricane Katrina-like flooding across huge areas, Joshua Behr of Virginia’s Old Dominion University reported “What they were trying to do was create a worst-case scenario, but it’s a very realistic scenario.