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Most Intensive Ivermectin Use Had 74 Percent Reduction in Excess Deaths in Peru: New Study

by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World, 2nd Smartest Guy in the World:

According to a new peer-reviewed ecological study, a natural experiment occurred when the government of Peru authorized ivermectin for use during the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in evidence of the drug’s effectiveness and ability to reduce excess deaths.

The paper’s results, published August 8 in Cureus, found a 74 percent reduction in excess deaths in 10 states with the most intensive ivermectin use over a 30-day period following peak deaths during the pandemic. When analyzing data across 25 states in Peru, researchers found these reductions in excess deaths correlated closely to ivermectin use during four months in 2020.

Eric Trump/Clay Clark – DJT Is Fighting For The People & Winning, We Are Witnessing The Art Of War

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How Did Pharma Buy So Many Governments?

from Great Game India:

One of the unsettling things that came out of the “Facebook Files” is the revelation of an unusual official policy that controlled the platform during the COVID-19 years.

“For content that doesn’t meet that threshold, we instituted borderline demotions,” the company wrote on July 16, 2021. “For example, someone sharing negative side effect posts. Similarly, posts question whether you get a vaccine under a mandate, whether it’s government overreach. We demote those. That’s not false information, but it leads to a vaccine-negative environment.”

Christianity Today Denounces Oliver Anthony

from Moonbattery:

There is an easy way to determine whether a publication is for real or a mouthpiece for the liberal establishment. See what it has to say about Oliver Anthony. Rolling Stone and National Review tip their hands by putting him down. Christianity Today vilifies Oliver Anthony for failing to worship the welfare state — the day after praising the tawdry moonbat goddesses presented to us by the entertainment industry.

Lawsuit: Doctors’ Mandatory “Training” Teaches That “White Individuals Are Naturally Racist”

by Selwyn Duke, The New American:

The program is ostensibly designed to eliminate “implicit bias.” Yet it promotes a very explicit one — a real doozy, too.

In fact, states a lawsuit filed by a coalition of California doctors against their state’s medical board, training now compulsory for Golden State physicians teaches that “white individuals are naturally racist.”

Of course, anti-white “anti-bias” training is common today. Yet one could wonder about the above. Since “racism” is our most obsessed-upon modern “sin” (the actual Seven Deadly Sins are passé), what are the implications of saying that whites alone carry with regard to it the stain of original sin? Must they be subjected to genetic engineering to purge this defect from them?

The Corrupt DoJ has Charged Trump with a Fake Crime

by Sean Ross Callaghan, Sean Ross Callaghan:

“It’s like murdering babies!”

So said one lawyer defending the latest federal indictment of President Trump against the charge that it seeks to throw Trump in jail for exercising his First Amendment rights. Many legal experts argue that an indictment for criminal conspiracy cannot just be about First Amendment-protected activity. Others argue that a conspiracy may include all sorts of legally protected activity, like purchasing knives or driving to the scene of a crime, but conspiracy to murder babies is a crime because murder is a crime.

WEF Professor: Declining Birth Rates Will Fight ‘Climate Change’

by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

A World Economic Forum-linked professor has declared that the declining birth rates recorded in countries around the world are actually a “good thing” because the issue will help to fight “climate change.”

As Slay News has reported, experts have been raising the alarm in recent months as global birth rates sink way below sustainable levels.

The issue has led to warnings of a “baby drought” as the birth rate continues to fall.

Check All Food Labels, Even Products You Have Bought For Years! It Is Harder To Find Foods NOT Bioengineered In Grocery Stores These Days Than Foods Full Of Toxic GMOs

by By Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

We have previously discussed engineering plants with vaccines, how meats including pork, beef and chicken, and salmon that are lab created would soon be available in every grocery store, and we knew that companies using bioengineered products were to be labeled with a mandatory compliance date of January 2022.

As of January 1, 2022, food that’s been previously known as a GMO or genetically engineered food will have a new “Bioengineered (BE)” label. If the term leaves you confused or searching your favorite online encyclopedia, you’re not alone. Critics of the new legislation are concerned that the new GMO “rebrand” may cause even more confusion and less transparency than its predecessor.

There are different ways foods can be labeled:

The Left Is Establishing a Permanent Dictatorship Warns Royce White

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Biden Regime to Reinstate COVID-19 Restrictions Beginning with Mask Mandate as “COVID Cases Rise”, Say TSA and Border Patrol Whistleblowers

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

The Biden regime is preparing to reinstate full COVID-19 lockdowns, beginning with masking mandates for TSA and airport employees reportedly as early as mid-September, Infowars first to report.

A high-level TSA official reached out to Infowars, detailing a Tuesday meeting where TSA managers were informed of new memorandums and policies that would reimplement mask-wearing.

These policies will reinstate the mask mandate for TSA and airport employees starting in mid-September.

According to the TSA official, further details on how the policy will escalate will be provided next week.

100% of ‘Died Suddenly’ Autopsy Cases Causally Connected to the COVID Vaccine, According to Review

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U.S. Insists NATO Sends F-16s To Ukraine

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced in a letter on Thursday that NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) should be sending F-16 jets to Ukraine. The Netherlands and Denmark were reportedly told all necessary requests to transfer the warplanes will be approved.

“I am writing to express the United States’ full support for both the transfer of F-16 fighter aircraft to Ukraine and for the training of Ukrainian pilots by qualified F-16 instructors,” Blinken said in a letter to his counterparts in The Hague and Copenhagen. According to the agency, Blinken pledged that the US will approve all the necessary third-party requests for the delivery of US-made jets so that Ukraine can take “full advantage of its new capabilities as soon as the first set of pilots complete their training.”

Red Meat Allergies from Tick Bites Are on the Rise. It Fits Conveniently into an Agenda

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Dairy and red meat allergies may now be the 10th most common food allergies in the U.S., according to CDC estimates.  In case you haven’t heard, alpha-Gal syndrome is on the rise, and it’s still largely unrecognized.

What is this new syndrome?  Who needs to avoid red meat and dairy?  Might something else be going on here? Let’s look a little deeper at how a simple tick bite can have lifelong, devastating effects – and not just from Lyme Disease.

Uncensored: Dr. Christina Parks – mRNA Can Be Programmed to Make Humans Unable to Eat Meat

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