Saturday, December 14, 2019


by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

If  you’re following all the stories swirling around the murder of Jeffrey Epstein, you’ll definitely be interested in this one. But first, a little context. Last Friday I blogged about the human trafficking problem, and came up with certain speculations. (See


In that blog, I indicated that there were several features of human trafficking networks that had to be present in order for it to work: (1) there had to be a covert means of moving people around under the eyes of authorities, such as military cargo planes or other military transports, or private planes and transports, (2) a way of “tracking” the movement of “inventory” and corresponding money flows, and (3) the willing participation of major banks in the nefarious activity via compromised or infiltrated managers in a position to handle and launder the money from such “business.”

Horowitz’s False Report Proves Deep State Rules Inside the Beltway, D.C. Swamp Will Not Be Drained

from State Of The Nation:

Make no mistake about it: It’s an all-out war between Team Trump and Deep State.

Just read the Michael Horowitz back story at this link to understand how deep the DoJ Inspector General really is in the D.C. swamp. HUGE Institutional Cover-Up! IG Horowitz Brazenly Hides Joint FBI-DoJ-CIA Coup Attempt Against Trump

Truly, given Horowitz’s carefully cultivated professional background over years of operating as an inside man, the following list of his dubious qualifications is undeniable.

The Israel Lobby’s Hidden Hand in the Theft of Iraqi and Syrian Oil

by Agha Hussain and Whitney Webb, MintPress News:

The outsized role of U.S. Israel lobby operatives in abetting the theft of Syrian and Iraqi oil reveals how this powerful lobby also facilitates more covert aspects of U.S.-Israeli cooperation and the implementation of policies that favor Israel.

KIRKUK, IRAQ — “We want to bring our soldiers home. But we did leave soldiers because we’re keeping the oil,” President Trump stated on November 3, before adding, “I like oil. We’re keeping the oil.”

Though he had promised a withdrawal of U.S. troops from their illegal occupation of Syria, Trump shocked many with his blunt admission that troops were being left behind to prevent Syrian oil resources from being developed by the Syrian government and, instead, kept in the hands of whomever the U.S. deemed fit to control them, in this case, the U.S.-backed Kurdish-majority militia known as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The Impeachment Witnesses, a Parade of Delusional Deep State Zombies

by Moon of Alabama, via Russia Insider:

During yesterday’s impeachment hearing at the House House Judiciary Committee one of the Democrats’ witnesses made some rather crazy statements. Pamela Karlan, a Stanford law professor, first proved to have bought into neo-conservative delusions about the U.S. role in the world:

America is not just ‘the last best hope,’ as Mr. Jefferies said, but it’s also the shining city on a hill. We can’t be the shining city on a hill and promote democracy around the world if we’re not promoting it here at home.

Republican Governor Caves in After Soros-Linked Evangelist Group Pushes Him to Let in Refugees

from Sputnik News:

Donald Trump has been working to curb the number of refugees being resettled in the United States; it has dropped by more than 70 percent since Obama’s last year in office and is set to fall even further. Trump has also given states and cities the right to block refugee resettlement, a move criticised and challenged by pro-immigration groups.

An evangelist organisation with links to liberal philanthropist George Soros has successfully lobbied at least one Republican governor to agree to bringing refugees into his state, despite Donald Trump’s recent order that allowed state governors to opt out.

Message Received – Thank You Bill Barr…

from The Conservative Treehouse:

I’m not going to write a long history of the background again {Go Deep}. However, to be fair, if we are going to hold Barr accountable it is appropriate to be thankful when at least one aspect of a gross injustice has been addressed.

When the decision to allow James Wolfe to escape accountability for his leaking of the classified documents was made, there were only a few people within the DOJ who could make that decision.

Gold ETF Holdings Surge… But Do They Actually Hold Gold?

by Clint Siegner, Money Metals:

Gold-linked exchange-traded products are growing in popularity with investors. Assets held by gold ETFs have grown 38% globally in 2019.

In October, according to the World Gold Council, gold ETFs attracted $1.9 billion in net inflows to reach a new record high total gold holding of 2,900 tonnes – at least on paper.

There is good reason to be skeptical of whether all these “gold” vehicles actually hold physical metal sufficient to back their market capitalizations on a 1:1 basis. Some of them very well might; others almost certainly don’t.

Who Are The Globalists And What Do They Want?

by Brandon Smith, Alt Market:

I get the question often, though one would think it’s obvious – Who are these “globalists” we refer to so much in the liberty movement? Sometimes the request comes from honest people who only want to learn more. Sometimes it comes from disinformation agents attempting to mire discussion on the issue with assertions that the globalists “don’t exist”. The answer to the question can be simple and complex at the same time. In order to understand who the globalists are, we first have to understand what they want.

DOJ: Durham Investigating FBI Scheme to Purchase, Manufacture Fabricated Evidence to Secure Trump Warrants

from True Pundit:

Finally, the Justice Department is investigating an FBI scheme to purchase and/or manufacture fake evidence to use to trick federal judges into approving surveillance warrants againt Donald Trump and his campaign insiders.

DOJ sources said the scheme — spelled out in a Sept. 2017 True Pundit article — is now a focus of U.S. Attorney John Durham’s criminal probe of the FBI.


Here is the original article.

William Barr Has Suddenly Become Chatty—and He’s Provided Quite an Information Dump

by Sharyl Attkisson, The Epoch Times:

In each of two video appearances, on NBC News and at Wall Street Journal’s “CEO Council,” Attorney General William Barr provided the same basic information and views about the U.S. intelligence community’s actions against the Trump campaign in 2016 and 2017. A criminal investigation is underway and being led by U.S. Attorney John Durham.

Barr was motivated to make the public statements, he said, by the misreporting and confusion surrounding Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report issued on Dec. 9. It found serious government surveillance abuses but no evidence of political bias on the part of the offending FBI officials and agents.