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Former Aussie Qantas Pilot Alan Dana – Are Pilots Safe to Fly?

from mariazeee:


Great Reset Will Be the Great Reject – David Morgan


by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

Economic analyst and financial writer David Morgan predicted in early March, “When you get gasoline going up to the $5, $6, $7 range and you’ve got food going up to the level it’s gone up to and continues to go up to, it’s going to be bad.”  Morgan was right, and he says this destabilization of the middle-class is all part of the so-called “Great Reset” by the global elite.  Morgan says this is not going to turn out like the globalists want.  Morgan says, “This is not about money–it’s about control.  They want absolute control.”

The ‘Wrong’ Turning Brings on the ‘Fourth Turning’

by Alastair Crooke, Strategic Culture:

If we determine to imagine the world as machine, then ‘reality’ will present itself as a machine, Alastair Crooke writes.

For the last four hundred years, west Europeans have lived one very particular ‘vision’; one that stands poles-apart from that which went earlier. As Galileo pursued his experimentation in Italy, it was Francis Bacon who set out a clear theory of inductive procedure – to make experiments, and to draw general conclusions from them, to be tested in further experiments.

Energy Crisis Driving Up Food Costs

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

Agriculture experts are calling this season one of the most important crop years in recent history. The supply chain has barely improved, exports are expensive, and we must rely on domestically grown and raised food more than ever. Everything is connected, as are the ongoing crises. The energy crisis is adding to rising food prices as farmers are concerned about the availability of oil.

Nationally, Rent is Still Rising, Compounding the Fed’s Recession Woes

by Mish Shedlock, Mish Talk:

Recession is here, but the Fed will not be able to do as much recession fighting as many people expect.

ApartmentList.Com reports Rents 1.3 Percent in June.

Our national index rose by 1.3 percent over the course of June, consistent with last month’s increase. So far this year, rents are growing more slowly than they did in 2021, but faster than they did in the years immediately preceding the pandemic. Over the first half of 2022, rents have increased by a total of 5.4 percent, compared to an increase of 8.8 percent over the same months of 2021. Year-over-year rent growth currently stands at a staggering 14.1 percent, but has been trending down from a peak of 17.8 percent at the start of the year.


by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

Quite a few people spotted and shared this story, but frankly, I probably would have blogged about it anyway even if it was only one person who saw it and shared it. When I saw what it was about, it vaulted straight into the “finals” folder right way, no need to wait for my normal “Sunday email sort-and-blog” routine, for it immediately conjured all sorts of high octane speculations. But before we get to those, first, the story itself:

‘Mystery rocket’ that crashed into the Moon baffles NASA scientists

Note what is being claimed in the article:

“TruckPOCALYPSE” begins in California this week as 70,000 truckers forced off the roads due to Democrat idiocracy

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

The California Truckers Association is warning that 70,000 independent truck owner-operators will be taken off the roads of California later this week as a draconian new law, “AB-5” kicks in: (emphasis ours)

In addition to the direct impact on California’s 70,000 owner-operators who have seven days to cease long-standing independent businesses, the impact of taking tens of thousands of truck drivers off the road will have devastating repercussions on an already fragile supply chain, increasing costs and worsening runaway inflation.

Atlanta Fed Forecasts Official Recession With Negative GDP Growth in Q2

by Peter Schiff, Schiff Gold:

On July 1, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta lowered its Q2 GDP projection to -2.1%, officially forecasting a recession.

So, much for Jerome Powell’s “soft landing.”

A recession is technically defined as back-to-back quarters of negative GDP growth. If the Atlanta Fed’s projection of negative growth in Q2 comes to pass, it will couple with the first-quarter decline of -1.6% to put the US economy solidly in recession territory.

Manufacturing Plants Aren’t Just Mysteriously Getting Burned Down In The United States, It’s Happening Around The World…

by Alicia Powe, The Gateway Pundit:

As Americans tackle accelerating inflation, skyrocketing gas prices and food and baby formula shortages following the manufactured COVID pandemic, manufacturing plants are mysteriously being burned down on a regular basis.

In 2021, Resilinc, a leading global supply chain monitoring and risk management firm that has been tracking disruptions at manufacturing plants for over a decade, was prompted to create a WarRoom to track the sudden uptick of supply chain disruptions.

California Governor Newsom is Running Ads in Florida: ‘Join Us In California’


from Sputnik News:

In what some are speculating as an attempt to get ahead of the 2024 presidential race, California Governor Gavin Newsom has launched an ad targeting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his controversial rightwing policies. Both are up for reelection this year, but what does Newsom hope to achieve in targeting DeSantis?