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CRISPR twins who had their genes edited also had their brains altered to make them smarter, scientists believe

from Government Slaves:

Scientists believe that the “CRISPR twins,” who had their genes edited last year before birth, will now have an easier time learning and memorizing. Apparently, the gene alteration, which was meant to make the girls immune to HIV, also altered their brains.

According to Technology Review:

Now, new research shows that the same alteration introduced into the girls’ DNA, to a gene called CCR5, not only makes mice smarter but also improves human brain recovery after stroke, and could be linked to greater success in school.

The Crisis of Science


from corbettreport:

The Physical Laws of the Universe Must Prevail over the Dangerous, Entropic, ‘Strategic Environment’ at Play

by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche made reference to the current dangerous “strategic environment” in an interview posted yesterday by Sputnik International, in an exchange focused on the deadly implications if more U.S. nuclear weapons are positioned in Europe. In the article titled, “Europe To Sign Own ‘Suicide Pact’ If Hosts New U.S. Missiles—German Politician,” she warns, “If Europe were to accept the installation of new U.S. missiles on its territory in this strategic environment, it would sign a suicide pact.” She explained, “Despite President [donald] Trump’s stated intention to improve relations between the U.S. and Russia, including that he may have one idea of replacing the INF treaty with a new agreement, Putin has to take into account the contrary intention of the neo-cons in the Trump administration and the British ‘minister of war,’ Gavin Williamson, who threatens to use ‘hard power’ and also claims that the ‘boundaries between peace and war are becoming blurred.'” (Her reference is to Williamson’s Feb. 11 anti-Russia, anti-China rant at Royal United Services Institute.)

Encryption Key for Legal Firm Emails in Hacked 9/11 Files Reportedly Released

from Sputnik News:

On New Year’s Eve, a hacker group known as The Dark Overlord announced it had breached a US law firm and found a trove of undisclosed information regarding the 9/11 attacks and leaked some of the files online.

Two months after The Dark Overlord released the first batch of hacked information, allegedly related to the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001, someone has disclosed the decryption key for the third layer of the material, Motherboard reported. The stolen data reportedly contains thousands of emails, some of which were sent between different law firms.

Liberal Professor: “My Liberal Students Scare Me”


by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

You may have missed this little nugget, and if you didn’t, please forgive me for bringing it to everyone’s attention, but a few years ago, a liberal professor at New York University said that while he attempted to teach conservative political theory, he found that his liberal students simply could not handle conflict or anything that was contrary to their own opinions.  In fact, this professor declared that his “liberal student scare me.”

Liberal professor and psychologist Jonathan Haidt said he found that his students simply could not handle anything outside their echo chamber and opinions.

JBSFC and McCarthyite Intimidation

by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

Please be sure to listen to at least the first ten minutes of this podcast.

Please be sure to listen to this new podcast. Your jaw will drop during the first eight minutes.

To wit, the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is now actively attempting to intimidate regular citizens who may have had contact with any media or political organizations in Russia or have traveled to Russia at any time in the past few years.

Australian official: Climate change is a U.N.-led conspiracy to establish a new world order

by Vicki Batts, Natural News:

Climate change controversy continues to grow, with an increasing number of skeptics coming forward to speak out. Now, a top adviser to former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has just declared that global warming is a conspiracy pushed by a power-hungry United Nations.

Maurice Newman, chief business adviser to former PM Abbott, says that the global warming hoax has nothing to do with Earth’s climate, and everything to do with the United Nation’s establishing itself as an authoritarian regime.

Carmageddon for Ford in the US, China, and Europe

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

The New Emissions & Fuel-Economy Cheating Scandal is just a Dimple. 

It’s tempting to think that Ford’s Carmageddon is a new “dieselgate” after Ford announced last night that “a handful of employees raised a concern” about its testing procedures for fuel economy and emissions certifications. Sure, Ford might get nailed. It’s furiously trying to make the getting-nailed less painful by announcing a slew of actions and self-reporting this debacle – well, the “potential concerns” – to the EPA and the California Air Resources Board rather than covering it up.

“People Lining Up For Food Is A Good Thing” – There’s A Real Chance That This COMMIE Could Become President Of The United States

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

If there’s one thing we know about Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, it’s that he loves breadlines… and Communists.

While Sanders didn’t quite make it during the 2016 election – arguably because he was robbed of his nomination by the Clinton campaign – Americans who believe in Constitutional rule of law, liberty and everything that makes this country great better wake up, because Sanders raised over $5 million within 24 hours of announcing his candidacy, suggesting that a massive segment of the U.S. population is supportive of what he stands for.

LIVE Yellow Vest protesters are demonstrating in Paris for the 15th week in a row

from RT:

The Yellow Vest movement spontaneously emerged in November 2018 after French President Emmanuel Macron announced controversial tax hikes. Over 2,000 people have been arrested since the demonstrations began, and dozens of protesters have been injured during violent clashes with police.

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The Average Time Until A Great Civilization Collapses Is 336 Years, And The U.S. Is Now 242 Years Old

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Every great civilization throughout human history has eventually collapsed, and if we want to have any hope of escaping the same fate, we need to be willing to learn some lessons from the past.  Because many of the same factors that caused the collapse of previous civilizations are weighing very heavily on the United States of America today.  According to the BBC, the average lifespan of a great civilization is 336 years from beginning to end.  But that doesn’t mean that America will make it that long.  Our nation is currently 242 years old, and there are signs of advanced social decay all around us.  If we remain on the road that we are currently on, there are many that believe that complete and utter collapse is not too far away.