2024 Grammys: It Had To Be All About Taylor Swift. It Just Had To.


from Vigilant Citizen:

Amid conspiracy theories about Taylor Swift being a “government psyops” who’s in a fake relationship with an NFL player, the 2024 Grammy Awards resolutely centered around … Taylor Swift. There couldn’t be a better way to prove the conspiracies right. Here’s a look at this highly symbolic ceremony.

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Before the cameras even started rolling, most of us knew that the 2024 Grammy Awards would be unhealthily centered around Taylor Swift. It just had to happen. There is currently a heavy-handed media campaign surrounding her and a growing number of people are noticing that a bizarre, artificially generated frenzy is taking place. And many are wondering what’s the end goal of it all. Is she being “propped up for something”?

It’s a vicious circle: The more Taylor gets media attention, the more people pay attention to the media.

This whole campaign started with Taylor’s super-mediatized relationship with NFL player Travis Kelce. This union between the worlds of entertainment and pro sports generated a media frenzy of absurd proportions.

Televised games of the Kansas City Chiefs constantly cut away to Taylor Swift reacting to whatever was happening on the field. It annoyed lots of people. Yet, lots of other people started watching these games specifically to see Taylor doing her Taylor faces.

The ridiculous media frenzy surrounding the couple – but mostly Taylor Swift – raised many eyebrows. It simply doesn’t seem normal or organic. It seems fake and custom-made by media experts to generate a specific type of media attention.

Then, the Chiefs made it to the Superbowl – one of the biggest sporting events in the world. It just had to happen. And, while Swift was set to perform in Japan shortly before the Super Bowl, the Embassy of Japan told the world that there was nothing to worry about. Queen Taylor will grace the world with her presence.

Government officials confirmed that we will all get the Taylor Swift reaction shots we all want during the Super Bowl. And imagine if the Chiefs win?! OMG!

This unprecedented (and some say unwarranted) media circus led some observers to believe that this whole Taylor Swift extravaganza is actually a psyop – psychological warfare operation meant to influence the masses. The ultimate goal: At the height of her popularity, and right before the elections, Taylor Swift would support Joe Biden.

Vivek Ramaswamy believes this is all fake and that even the Super Bowl is rigged to make sure the world gets its Taylor Swift moment.

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