Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Dr. Lee Vliet on the Depopulation Agenda, 5G, Oct. 4 & Healing from Vaccines

from Man in America:

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Venom’s Role in COVID: A Shocking Revelation

by Dr. Bryan Ardis, America Outloud:

On this NEW episode of Looking For Healing Radio, Dr. Ardis discusses the topics discussed at the Healing for the AGES event and what he learned at the Dallas, Texas, event last weekend!

He will also discuss the new product he created called Foreign Protein Cleanse. A revolutionary new product that was created by the team at globalhealing.com. Dr. Ardis will take you through why this product was developed over the last year.

Scientists at the University of Arizona confirmed in August 2021 that there was one biomarker in the blood of COVID-19 patients who died in hospitals responsible for the deaths. They titled their findings “like venom coursing through the body.”

“Israel Has LOST The Gaza War!” – Scott Ritter

from The Jimmy Dore Show:

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Surveillance State: Feds Asked Banks For Private Transactions For Terms With ‘MAGA,’ ‘Trump’

by Graham, 100Percent Fed Up:

In a breaking story from Fox News, it was revealed that federal investigators asked banks for private customer transactions using “MAGA” and “Trump” for their investigation on January 6th.

Documents also showed that purchases from Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and more were also searched by federal investigators.

Many of these banks handed over information without the proper procedures.

Plan to Kill 90% of the Population Announced by Gates/Kerry

from The Alex Jones Show:

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On Day 1 of Arizona election trial, Kari Lake elicits evidence challenging signature verifications

by Natalia Mittelstadt, Just The News:

Two witnesses in Kari Lake’s Arizona election challenge trial testified Wednesday that Maricopa County signature reviewers worked less in the general election than in the primary, despite more ballots having to be reviewed.

Wednesday was the first day of a three-day trial for Lake’s election challenge.

She fell about 17,000 votes short in the official count for the 2022 gubernatorial election against then-Secretary of State Hobbs and is suing Hobbs, who’s the current Democratic governor, current Secretary of State Adrian Fontes (D) and Maricopa election officials, requesting the results be invalidated or that she be declared the winner.

Robert Kiyosaki Predicts that 2023 Will Have a Bigger Economic Crisis Than in 2008

by Jose Nino, Big League Politics:

The author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki believes that the country’s current series of bank failures are far from over. On June 15, 2023, Kiyosaki tweeted that additional banks were rumored to collapse. The contrarian investor called attention to how lending company loanDepot could be the next victim of a banking collapse, as numerous regional banks across the nation could be on the verge of failing in the next month or so.

The Case of David Irving Shows that Nothing Is More Dangerous than Telling the Truth

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

David Irving is undoubtedly the best historian of World War II.  For decades he relentlessly searched for and found diaries of the main figures, pried loose official documents, tracked down witnesses, searched the war archives of many countries, all of which is the material of his extraordinary histories.

The facts differed from the official narratives.  Jews took umbrage and ruined him financially, forcing his publisher to destroy their printings of his histories, which were best-sellers praised by other historians, and by bringing corrupt law suits against which he had to defend, which exhausted his financial resources and left him penniless and homeless.  

They Are Doing Some Real “Island Of Dr. Moreau Level Stuff” In Secret Labs All Over The Planet

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Do you believe that scientists should be creating entities that are part-human and part-animal?  Do you believe that scientists should be creating lab-grown “synthetic” human embryos that that do not require eggs or sperm?  Do you believe that scientists should be performing “gain of function” research on the deadliest diseases ever known to humanity?  Unfortunately, all of these things are already happening in secret labs all over the planet.  Our world is filled with mad scientists that have absolutely no problem doing “Island of Dr. Moreau level stuff”, but of course they won’t want to take any accountability if the horrifying creatures and diseases they unleash upon the world end up causing enormous problems.

Secret Service Find Ziploc Bag of Powdered Cocaine in West Wing of White House, No One Knows How It Got There (I Have an Idea!!)

from The Conservative Treehouse:

I’m not sure what is funnier, that a ziploc bag of powered cocaine was found in the working quarters (West Wing) of the Office of the United States President, or that the Secret Service claim they can’t figure out who it belongs to… lol Gee, I wonder.

Obviously, a review of the CCTV video is out of the question, or something.

Pfizer – The New Evil Empire?

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

I warned that our computer was projecting that Pfizer was making a major peak. Many could not see how that forecast would be correct. Here we are and Pfizer is not a company you want to work for or invest in. Seriously, anyone who has a family member working at Pfizer should cash out before it is too late and people start drawing them out and hanging them on the street as they did to the bankers during the Panic of 1869 giving rise to the real term – Black Friday.

NWO Builds Planetary Suicide

from AlexandraBruce:

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State-Sanctioned Forced Disappearances in Venezuela

by Daniela Gonzalez, The Organic Prepper:

Forced disappearances, a haunting phenomenon that has plagued societies throughout history, have become alarmingly prevalent in my country. This silent epidemic, often perpetuated by state authorities, has left numerous families in anguish, unsure of the final fate and whereabouts of their loved ones.

The State endorsement and sponsoring of such crimes generates a climate of terror and impunity that emboldens perpetrators and silences victims.


from State Of The Nation:

Here’s how you know when they’re crossing the Rubicon

BE AWARE! These are the two primary drivers of
the long-planned American Bolshevik Revolution.