Should Tennessee Be Ranked #1 For Survivability For Preppers That Want To Survive The Cataclysmic Times That Are Coming?


by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

If you are planning to relocate in anticipation of the extremely chaotic times that are rapidly approaching, there are four primary factors that I think people should be focusing on.  First of all, you will want to go some place where you will be surrounded by like-minded people.  Secondly, you will want to avoid locations that have a high population density.  Thirdly, you will want to avoid regions that are at high risk of experiencing natural disasters.  Lastly, it is important to consider how the area you are considering will fare during a nuclear conflict.  Of course these are not the only factors that need to be considered, because choosing to relocate to another part of the country is a complicated decision.  Ultimately, you need to make whatever choice is right for you and your family at the time.


I have written quite a bit about these things over the years, and so my attention was immediately grabbed when I came across an article on entitled “The List: Best Places to Live Off-Grid, According to Experts”.  The state of Tennessee is ranked number one on their list, and I found that to be quite interesting.  Below, I will share some of their reasons for ranking Tennessee first, and following each reason I will give some of my thoughts…

-“abundance of natural resources”

This is very true.  Tennessee is tremendously blessed with natural resources, and that is a huge advantage for those that want to live off-grid.

-“with an average rainfall of over 50 inches, homesteaders living off-grid have ample access to legally harvest rainwater”

A lot of states, particularly in the western half of the country, have made it illegal to harvest rain falling from the sky.  Thankfully, Tennessee doesn’t have such a law, and plenty of rain falls throughout the year.

-“individuals can apply to live and work on government-owned land for a low cost or even for free”

If you are strapped for cash, this is a great opportunity.  Most other states do not have this option.

-“fertile land found in this state provides a growing season of over eight months per year”

This is a really great point.  Even most preppers do not have years of food stored up for themselves and their families.  During the very difficult times that are ahead, growing your own food will be important, and Tennessee is a great state for doing that.

-“Tennessee stands out as a budget-friendly haven for off-grid enthusiasts”

The coast of living in the state is definitely lower than elsewhere, and that is a huge plus.

Overall, there is so much to like about Tennessee.  In my new book, I ranked it number four out of all fifty states.

But of course no location is perfect.

There are definitely some negatives to consider as well.  For example, it is being reported that Tennessee is the most stressed state in the entire nation…

At No. 1 for the overall list of the most stressed states in the U.S. is Tennessee, according to Komowa.

The Volunteer State scored very high for the most health stress, coming in third place for the highest level of depression prevalence (24.4%).

15.5% of residents also said “their physical health isn’t good for more than 14 days a month.”

Residents of Tennessee also work more than the average American. The state came in at No. 3 for most hours worked with an average of 42.3 hours a week.

In addition, in my opinion you will want to avoid the western half of the state entirely.  It is way too close to the New Madrid fault zone, and Memphis is one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

But I very much like the eastern portion of the state.  In particular, virtually anywhere east of Knoxville would be a very nice choice.

Just don’t expect perfection.

You won’t find that anywhere.

Needless to say, you will need to be prepared to expect the unexpected wherever you live.

For example, those living in Utah and Nevada probably never imagined that tumbleweeds would become a significant issue in our day and age, but that is precisely what is happening

Tumbleweed is sprawling across sidewalks. It is blowing across freeways. It is stacked up — feet high — against homes in Utah and Nevada.

The masses upon masses of prickly tumbleweed are more fallout from severe weather sweeping the Western United States, in which wind gusts over 60 mph destroyed infrastructure, downed trees and power lines, and caused widespread outages and road closures.

Some called it the tumbleweed takeover. Others referred to it as tumblemageddon.

Life is always full of surprises, and that will especially be true during the tumultuous years that are in front of us.

We will never be able to prepare for every possible scenario, but right now millions of Americans are making preparations for what is ahead because they understand that things are about to make a dramatic turn in the wrong direction.

A gold dealer in Beverly Hills says that even the ultra-wealthy are preparing for the worst

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