ALIEN INVASION: Hundreds of illegal immigrants enter San Diego after men in masks CUT the border fence


by Zoey Sky, Natural News:

A terrifying video from a San Diego resident has captured hundreds of illegal immigrants crossing into American soil after smugglers cut through the border wall.

The video, which was shared by San Diego resident Cory Gautereaux, shows the migrants crossing into San Diego County in southern California on Sunday, April 21. Reports suggest that smugglers wearing black masks cut into the wall to let the migrants into the country.


Many of the migrants seemed to come from China, particularly since San Diego has seen more than double the number of Chinese nationals in the first half of this fiscal year compared to all of 2023.

Most of the Chinese migrants fly into Tijuana before paying cartels up to $35,000 to help them enter the United States. Gautereaux added that he has encountered hundreds of Chinese I.D.s and passports along the border region.

Some reports mentioned that smugglers are moving their operations to California as Texas increases its border security in El Paso and Eagle Pass. (Related: Chinese illegal immigrant arrested for unauthorized entry onto Marine Corps base in California.)

Gautereaux said at least 150 to 200 illegal aliens entered the country through the damaged border fence. The masked men who cut the fence “quickly pushed this large group of people into the United States. Probably 150-200 people, with at least 60 percent [military-aged] males. Pay attention,” warned Gautereaux.

The video also shows Border Patrol agents repairing the damaged bollards as Mexican officials stood on the other side of the barrier. It is still unknown if any of the masked men were apprehended by authorities on either side of the border.

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Biden administration struggling with illegal immigration

The immigration-related figures are a closely monitored metric during a time of intense political scrutiny over who is entering America and whether the Joe Biden administration is properly managing one of the country’s biggest issues.

Republicans, led by former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, have claimed that Biden’s policies have encouraged migrants to try and enter the United States.

The Biden administration responded by saying that Republicans failed to work with Democrats to fund an important border security bill. The administration also insisted that what is happening on the southern border is part of a global phenomenon as people flee their war-torn homes to seek refuge in other countries.

In December, Border Patrol reported a total of 249,785 arrests, a record high that increased tensions over immigration issues. By February, the Tucson sector in Arizona was the busiest region for migrant crossings between the ports of entry, followed by San Diego and El Paso, Texas.

A separate group of 42,100 migrants said they used CBP One, an app that allowed them to schedule an appointment to present themselves at an official border crossing point as they seek entry into America.

The app has been a crucial part of the Biden administration’s weak attempts to limit chaos at the border by encouraging migrants to wait for an appointment instead of crossing the river or trekking across the desert and looking for Border Patrol agents to turn themselves in.

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