“J Christ”: Lil Nas X is Not Trolling, He’s a Pawn of Demonic Industry


from Vigilant Citizen:

In “J Christ”, Lil Nas X takes on the role of Jesus Christ in the most disrespectful ways possible. While some say that he’s “trolling” his Christian haters, the symbolism of the video sends out a deeper message: We’re in modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah.

The story of Lil Nas X exemplifies how the music industry shapes and molds celebrities according to the long-term goals of the occult elite. And these goals include turning young people into highly confused degenerates.

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After releasing Old Town Road – a somewhat wholesome country rap song that was highly popular with young people – LNX got signed with Columbia Records in 2019. Almost immediately after, he came out as gay and he appeared on this magazine cover.

The one-eye sign means that he’s not an independent artist anymore, he’s an industry slave.

In the months that followed, everything about him changed: The lyrics, the imagery, the wardrobe, and the general messaging. From a quirky rapper with a penchant for the viral, LNX became a poster boy for explicit homoerotic imagery combined with overt satanic symbolism. In other words, the industry found a perfect vessel to push its agendas on the “urban” demographic.

I will spare you the countless symbolic videos, photoshoots, and performances LNX partook in throughout the years but there’s a specific video we need to rememorate (unfortunately): MONTERO.

In the 2021 video MONTERO, Lil Nas X gives Satan a lap dance. Because he’s Satan’s b*tch. Sorry, but that’s the only word that appropriately describes their relationship. There’s much more going on in that video as well.

At the same time, LNX also released Satan Nikes which are probably the most cursed shoes in human history.

The shoes feature the number 666, inverted crosses, and inverted pentagrams. Also, each shoe contains one drop of human blood – a reference to the elite’s obsession with blood sacrifices and consuming human blood. In this pic, LNX uses a shoe to make a one-eye sign so you perfectly understand that he’s a total industry slave.

A few years after this satanic mess, LNX is back with another mediocre song combined with a similar gimmick.

J Christ the Promo is Bad

Before the release of J Christ, LNX posted a series of pictures and videos on social media where he claimed that he’s now a Christian. Of course, it was a lie and yet another excuse to mock Christianity. And, judging by the comments on these posts, people hate whatever he was trying to do.

In a photo posted on Instagram, LNX mocks the crucifixion of Christ. One commenter notes that it’s weird that he needs to do this to stay relevant. Well, if he didn’t do this, the industry would throw him in the garbage because he’d be useless.


In another lame attempt at being funny, LNX (or whoever) posted an acceptance letter to a Christian college. Of course, it is fake as a Liberty University rep stated that he was never accepted there.

With these weak attempts at promoting a song, the table was set for a weak attempt at a hit single.

J Christ the Song is Bad

J Christ is very similar to LNX’s previous video MONTERO: It’s a computer-generated mess of symbolism and biblical imagery, complete with attempts at virality and gimmicks.

The video begins with a line of people dressed in white climbing stairs to heaven.

As gospel music plays in the background (yes, he’s also mocking gospel), we realize that all of these people are celebrities (look-a-likes).

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