Jerusalem Post, Ben Shapiro Push ‘Crisis Actor’ Conspiracy Theory Claiming Dead Palestinian Baby is a ‘Doll’


by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

The Jerusalem Post, Ben Shapiro and tons of other Zionist “influencers” shared an insane conspiracy theory on Friday claiming a Palestinian holding a dead child in the wake of an Israeli airstrike was actually a crisis actor holding a “doll.”

“Al Jazeera posts blurred doll, claims it to be a dead Palestinian baby,” read the headline from the Jerusalem Post.

“The footage shared on Al Jazeera’s X account claimed that the doll was a ‘month-and-a-half-old baby’ killed by an Israeli bomb,” the subheader stated.


“Al Jazeera has published on X footage of an emotional man holding a ‘baby’ with a blurred face wrapped in white,” JPost’s article read. “However, social media users quickly shared footage of the ‘baby’ without the blurred edits shared by the News source, revealing it to be only a doll.”

The infant in question was identified by an on-the-ground photographer as 5-month-old Palestinian Muhammad Hani Al-Zahar.

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