LBJ’s Unconditional War On Poverty Resulted In Poverty Winning – Welfare Has Now Become A ‘Lifestyle’ Passed From ‘Generation To Generation Like A Legacy’


by Alan Barton, All News Pipeline:

Sometimes stories almost write themselves as they just seem to flow from my fingertips, and other times it is just the opposite; try as I might, I just cannot get it done the way I envision.  Stumbling over words, finding the right quotes, arranging things so they make sense and trying to keep from being the target of dangerous people, it all seems difficult on some of those stories.  “Those stories”?  I meant on this one specifically as it is a difficult one to get out without sounding like something I do not wish to sound like.  Like racist or arrogant or prideful, which is not my intent so if I miss, this is my apology (and excuse?).


There has been a war going on against blacks since America was born as we have covered on ANP before.  And against Native Americans, against the Irish, against the Dutch, against the Mexicans, against just about every race and nationality here, including the current one being waged against the generic “white” race.  I say generic whites because it is not just European stock, it also includes North African (Egyptian, etc), Mid-Easterners (Arab, “Aryans”/Iranians), other western Asians to include many Russians, and so forth.  The point is, those that control opinions and those that are being pushed around vary a lot and it changes often.  Except the blacks, they have always been at the point of contention.  Well, and “Jews”; another term that is misused heavily.

From the black Muslim slave trappers that captured those non-Muslim tribes in the first place and sold them to the slave traders that shipped them all over the world to resell including those that ended up here, to the other black slaves that ended up in plantations all over the central and southern Americas, the cry is the same, blacks make great slaves.  We liberated them about a century and a half ago, but that does not mean they are not still slaves of one sort or another.  Many went from working the land as slaves to working the same land as bond farmers, enslaved to the land via agreements with the land owners.  Later on some became land owners while others moved north to work in the new industrial revolutions factories.  Free in a sense, but still virtual if not outright slaves to the rich men.  After WWII things changed a lot as military black men returned as men of abilities and an outlook on how they should live as black men, not as bond servants.  And the democrats noticed this and took actions to change that sense of Liberty they had.

The democrats have always had some means of keeping the blacks under control, from the KKK “ghost of the confederacy” to the new mass slavery afforded by chain gangs (just about anything got blacks sentenced for long periods) and along with massive discrimination including “Red Shirts” (democrat terrorists against blacks) to “black codes” and “pig laws” to keep them in prisons to work.  And in prison they were again just slaves so not a whole heck of a lot changed.  Sundown Laws kept them out of most cities until the industrialists could get them working for minimal wages in their factories, and Woodrow Wilson’s racism got institutional anti-black laws around the federal government systems imbedded deeply.  It was in the 1950’s that they finally got some real freedoms and the opportunity to succeed as race segregations were slowly being scrapped including the segregation they had in the military during WWII.

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