Monday, April 15, 2024


from SGT Report:

Major Jeffrey Prather joins me to discuss the crimes and treason of Joe Biden and his administration, including pizzagate and pedogate, the truth about which will rock the world to its very core. Please join & support Jeffrey Prather here:

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Jewish Banking Dynasties Founded the Fed

by Karl Haemers, The Unz Review:

An “independent” media outlet, Global Research, posted an essay titled “How Private Interests and the Banking Dynasties Control Washington”. I was naturally intrigued to see if author Shane Quinn (“obtained an honors journalism degree and he writes primarily on foreign affairs and historical subjects. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization”) revealed the Jewish Issue on this obvious topic.

America Is Suffering A Psychotic Breakdown, Fully Stuck In A ‘Doom Loop,’ As Parts Of The Country Are Already ‘Ungovernable’ While Rampant Rage And Chaos Spread Like Wildfire

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

– Cities Once America’s Wealthiest Now Lead Country In Homelessness, Addiction, Mental Illness And Crime

While the story Wednesday over at Zero Hedge reports on a brand new ‘entertainment option‘ for the people of San Francisco, California, it’s ‘entertainment‘ that’s a metaphor for 2023 America, and it is ‘entertainment’ which has already had its grand opening completely sell out, a 90-minute, 1.5 mile long ‘walking tour‘ of downtown SF called the ‘Doom Loop Walking Tour.’

With word now out that the organizers of this tour may also soon be bringing it to New York city, and possibly even to other collapsing cities across America, the anonymous, dry-witted host invites tourists to “discover the policy choices that made America’s wealthiest city the nation’s innovative leader of housing crisis, addiction crisis, mental-health crisis, & unrepentant crime crisis.” 

Russia Claims to Have Destroyed U.S.-Made Strykers in Combat in Ukraine

by Oliver JJ Lane, Breitbart:

Russia claims to have destroyed four U.S.-made Stryker armoured fighting vehicles, the donation of which constitutes a significant component of American military support of Ukraine’s war effort.

The alleged combat success came in one of the daily Russian digests of their perspective of the war, saying they had launched a strike against the Ukrainian army near Zaporozhye. The casualties they claimed were severe, asserting they had “eliminated” 195 Ukrainian soldiers and a selection of heavy equipment.

3 Things THEY Don’t Want You To Know About NAZIS

by Jeremiah Harding, The Free Thought Project:

For my first piece here, I believe it’s best to start on the right foot and discuss the long-established spiral toward total fascism. Part of this is based on the long-held alliances between the Nazis and the West™. From aiding them during the war to funding and employing them post-war, the US and NATO have gone to great lengths to protect their fascist allies in return for maintaining a neoliberal and neoconservative global order. There are well-known and lesser-known aspects of this relationship. Many are surprising to people when mentioned, so I’ll provide a concise yet powerful list of three ways the West has consistently empowered and emboldened Nazis.

Are COVID-19 Vaccines Causing the Surge in Red Meat Allergies?

by Ben Bartee, Armageddon Prose:

Here is a trio of interrelated stories I have covered recently at Armageddon Prose:

·       The CDC is warning of a sudden spike in rates of  alpha-gal syndrome (AGS), an allergy to red meat ostensibly triggered by a bite from a species of tick called the Lone Star Tick

·       An NYU bioethcist wants to (presumably covertly) trigger red meat allergies in the public through bioengineering using the Lone Star Tick as a template for “climate change”

EXCLUSIVE: Biden Planning New COVID Restrictions/Lockdowns

from The Alex Jones Show:


Independent Data Shows Dozens of Power Grid Malfunctions at Start of Maui Wildfires; Could Utility “Smart” Meters Have Played a Role?

by B.N. Frank, Activist Post:

Hawaiian Electric has installed what are often referred to as “advanced” meters or -2-way wireless transmitting “smart” meters:

What are Advanced Meters?

Advanced meters are modern electric meters that enable two-way data sharing between your home or business and Hawaiian Electric through a secure wireless communications network. Advanced meters look just like the analog electric meters but with a digital display. Advanced meters are an important component of our grid modernization efforts.

Damning Life Insurance Data Proves Far More Young People Are Dying — And It’s Not from COVID

from The Vigilant Fox:


The ONE celebrity who’s blowing the lid off the Covid jab genocide….

from State Of The Nation:

…and she’s not even conscious.

Princess Bajrakitiyabha & Her Vax Attack

How is it possible that, in the whole wide world, there’s only one celebrity who just may blow the lid off the Covid injection genocide?!

Male Transgender Powerlifter Smashes Women’s World Record By More Than 440 Pounds

from The Epoch Times:

A male powerlifter who identifies as a woman just set a new world record—in women’s powerlifting.

In the Canadian Powerlifting Union’s (CPU) championships from Aug. 10 to Aug. 17, Anne Andres lifted 597.5 kilograms or 1317 pounds, according to advanced results.

This weight was at least 440 pounds more than the top-performing woman, SuJan Gill, lifted.


from World Alternative Media: