Thursday, May 28, 2020

Victor Davis Hanson Discusses His “The Autopsy of a Dead Coup!” – The End of Deep State’s Coup to Overthrow the Trump Presidency!

by Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Author and historian Victor Davis Hanson recently penned his narrative of what he sees as the end to the coup to overthrow President Trump and remove him from office – The Autopsy of a Dead Coup!

Author and historian Victor Davis Hanson was recently on FOX News and he described the fantastical stories building on the left and the US elite’s unwillingness to accept the results of the 2016 election.

The Green New Deal: Just More Austerity & Population Control

by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.”

—Prince Philip, Consort to Queen Elizabeth II and Co-Founder of the World Wildlife Fund

The “Green New Deal” recently called for by a few unstable members of the U.S. Congress is a farce. It is neither “green,” nor is it new. It has nothing to do with concern for the environment or with so-called social justice. It is not, as some claim, an overly-inflated version of an otherwise worthy goal.

Connecting the Dots: The Deep State Is Declaring Civil War Against the People of the United States

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

America is not fully grasping the threat posed to the Republic, despite the fact that all of the evidence is on the table. Many understand that we are rushing towards a civil war. However, what people do not realize is that we are headed towards a civil war that Deep State is willing to pay any price to carry out. Th e coming civil war is not the result of inevitable conflict. It is the result of a planned coup against the government of the United States, the culture, the education system and this conflict comes with distinct designs on conservatives and Christians. The United States is receiving a facelift which is transforming this country from respecting the rule of law and appreciating American culture, to one that stands on the edge of a third-world-banana-republic style coup against legitimate elected authority.

Pierre Omidyar: A Billionaire Prone to Reclusiveness and his Trove of State Surveillance Secrets

by Alexander Rubinstein and Max Blumenthal, MintPress News:

With strategically placed donations, Omidyar has placed himself in the rare position of being able to support both the national security state and at least part of its self-proclaimed opposition. In the eyes of the former element, that might be precisely what makes him so valuable.

This is the concluding part of our series exploring billionaire eBay founder Pierre Omidyar’s broad sweep of influence over global media and surveillance enterprises. Part 1 examined Omidyar’s use of investment to build a vast and tangled web of influence in NGOs and media outlets around the world; Part 2 illuminated his involvement with regime-change networks and the surveillance state.

Bush Funeral “Envelope Affair” Solved: The Mexican Standoff Inside the Beltway

from State Of the Nation:

Team Trump Meets Bush Dynasty Half Way to End Epic Feud

First, these are the indisputable facts:

The State Funeral for George H.W. Bush was held on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at the Washington National Cathedral. (See the announcement below from their website.)

“Collusion Conspiracy Theorist” Schiff Vows To Subpoena Mueller If Final Report Not Released

from ZeroHedge:

The Mueller report hasn’t even been completed yet, and already Congressional Democrats are already preparing to go to war with the DOJ to make sure its contents receive a public hearing (ignoring the virtual certainty that Mueller’s team will likely preempt them by leaking the text to the New York Times and Washington Post).

To wit, during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff – who was recently accused by WSJ columnist Kimberly Strassel of being the Dems’ “resident collusion conspiracy theorist” – vowed to take his fight for the release of the Mueller report to court if necessary after AG William Barr said he doesn’t intend to publish the contents of the report, and would instead offer a summary of its findings to Congress. Barr, who noted during his confirmation that the special counsel statutes state the findings of the report should be “confidential”, said he would release only as much information as is required by statute. He also noted that it was “DOJ policy” to withold potentially disparaging information about those who have not been accused of a crime.

“Collusion Conspiracy Theorist” Schiff Vows To Subpoena Mueller If Final Report Not Released

by William Craddick, Disobedient Media:

The fact that American President Donald Trump was able to sit down face to face with North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jong Un in Singapore was met with amazement by many government and private parties, who have for decades been hoping to break the stagnation that has characterized attempts to reach a breakthrough in relations between United States (US) and the Koreas. The efforts of President Trump, Chairman Kim, and South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in have been truly commendable and will genuinely merit the Nobel Peace Prize should their intended plans reach fruition.

The Mueller Report Is About To Be Released, And It Could Unleash Hell All Across America

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

After two very long years, the Mueller report is finally going to be released, and it could potentially be the spark that unleashes chaos all over the country.  Initially, some in the mainstream media had speculated that the Mueller report could be released this week, but now it is being reported that this probably will not happen.  However, it is expected that the report will almost certainly be handed over at some point in March.  Robert Mueller will submit a private copy of his report to Attorney General William Barr, and then Barr will make a determination about how much of it should be made public.  On Friday, six committee chairs from the House of Representatives sent a stern letter to Barr informing him that they expect as much of the report to be released to the public as possible

The CIA Is Out of Control, Has Been Since the 50’s

from Russia Insider:

In this posting, I want to take a very brief look at the history of the founding of America’s Central Intelligence Agency and provide quotes from an American president regarding his views on the CIA and what should be done to control its seemingly unfettered powers.

The Central Intelligence Agency had evolved significantly over the decades up to its official designation as America’s foremost intelligence agency in 1947 as follows:

Panodrama: Tommy Robinson Accuses Top BBC Journo of Fake News, Racism, Collusion with Far Left

by Jack Montgomery, Breitbart:

Tommy Robinson has revealed alleged undercover recordings of top BBC journalist John Sweeney, accusing the reporter of planning a fake news hit job in collusion with HOPE Not Hate, a far-left activist organisation which has received funding from billionaire plutocrat George Soros.

The former English Defence League (EDL) frontman turned anti-grooming gangs campaigner and UKIP activist unveiled the recordings to a crowd of thousands of supporters outside the BBC’s offices at MediaCity in Salford, Greater Manchester, in the form of a short documentary he called ‘Panodrama’.