Articles Now Appearing Attempting To Convince You That Donald Trump Has Dementia Is Proof That Joe Biden Is Just About Completely Out Of Gas


by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

A pair of professional psychologists are warning that, despite more Americans’ believing Joe Biden is more unfit to be president, Donald Trump’s cognitive decline is getting worse.

There are lots of things you could credibly accuse Donald Trump of, after nearly a half-century in the real estate business, you have done a lot of deals both on top of, and under, the proverbial table. In fact, Donald Trump is on trial right now defending against some of those allegations. What you can’t accuse him of, with any credibility at all, is being afflicted with the dementia that has obviously integrated itself within the mind of Joe Biden. But this is a tactic the Left so loves to employ, accuse your enemy of doing what you’re doing to see what sticks.


Verbal blunders are not necessarily a sign of dementia, mentally healthy people can slip up while speaking if they are not getting enough rest, working too much, or being unduly distracted. But that’s not what you see when listening to Joe Biden speak. When he attempts to talk, his voice will range wildly from a deranged whisper all the way up to screaming, with little or no sense of any of it applying to what he’s talking about. Biden has a famous stutter, but it’s his inability to form words distinctly that is the real problem, they all just runtogetherlikethislinehere. I laughed out loud when I read the article below, as it shows the level of desperation that Joe Biden’s followers are feeling right now as he continues to sink way down in the polls. Joe Biden is about out of gas, and the whole country knows it. The only question is can Donald Trump stay alive long enough to make it over the finish line? That’s the memo.

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