RED ALERT: WHO Pandemic “Treaty” is now an “Agreement”


by Jon Rappoport, Jon Rappoport:

I’ll give you the bottom line. A TREATY needs the signature of the US President plus a 2/3 vote of approval in the Senate.

An AGREEMENT only needs the President’s signature, and America is committed to go along with the document.

I’ve been communicating with a media person at the World Health Organization (WHO). It took several exchanges to clarify what’s going on here.


What we’ve been told is the WHO Pandemic Treaty is actually labeled an Agreement.

This is dire.

When Biden signs it, American sovereignty is suddenly placed under the WHO.

The WHO can declare a global health emergency whenever they want to, for any reason, and all the rules and restrictions they lay down can be invoked. Here in America.

For instance, lockdowns, mandated vaccines.

America is suddenly a colony of the World Health Organization.

No date has been set for WHO submitting the Agreement to the US and other countries, but it could be soon.

A sword is hanging over our heads.

We need massive refusal, despite Biden imminently signing our sovereignty away.

We need Senators rebelling in large numbers.

We need state governors pledging to ignore all WHO dictates.

We need the American people refusing to go along with the WHO.

Here is the document the WHO media person sent me, showing that this so-called Treaty is actually an Agreement.

Here is the article I published recently that goes into depth on Treaty vs. Agreement. It explains that these international agreements are illegitimate and should never be honored. They’re unconstitutional, and have always been a con and hustle designed to inflate the power of the President and the Executive Branch.

Get the word out, far and wide.

We’re being taken for a ride.

A bad nightmare ride.

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