NATO Countries Will Have to Send Troops to Ukraine or “Accept Catastrophic Defeat”


by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

Former State Department consultant makes alarming claim.

State Department consultant Edward Luttwak says that NATO countries will have to send soldiers to Ukraine or “accept catastrophic defeat,” and that Britain and France are already making preparations to do so.

Luttwak is a military strategy expert and has served as a consultant to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the National Security Council, the Department of State and the US Army.


In an article for Unherd, Luttwak warns that Ukraine’s 800,000 active personnel figure is too low to be successful in a war against Russia and that the country will continue “losing soldiers in the process who cannot be replaced” without major support.

“This arithmetic of this is inescapable: Nato countries will soon have to send soldiers to Ukraine, or else accept catastrophic defeat,” writes Luttwak.

Apparently, it’s already in process.

The British and French, along with the Nordic countries, are already quietly preparing to send troops — both small elite units and logistics and support personnel — who can remain far from the front. The latter could play an essential role by releasing their Ukrainians counterparts for retraining in combat roles. Nato units could also relieve Ukrainians currently tied up in the recovery and repair of damaged equipment, and could take over the technical parts of existing training programmes for new recruits,” according to the author.

It goes without saying that if NATO escalates its direct involvement in a war against Russia, Moscow could conceivably choose to attack other NATO countries, something that may spark World War III.

“If Europe cannot provide enough troops, Russia will prevail on the battlefield, and even if diplomacy successfully intervenes to avoid a complete debacle, Russian military power will have victoriously returned to Central Europe,” asserts Luttwak.

Noting that the US can only provide 40,000 troops who are already in Europe, Luttwak warns that if Russia wins the war, Europe would have to resort to “the return of compulsory military service” to prevent further territorial expansion.

As we highlighted yesterday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky just signed a new law that lowers the age of conscription in Ukraine from 27 to 25 ahead of an upcoming Russia summer offensive.

The average age of a Ukrainian soldier is now over 40 years of age, the same as Russia, underscoring how the whole conflict has been a devastating bloodbath for both sides.

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