Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion Die in America: Zionism is Now the Only Religion Allowed in the U.S.


by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News:

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion Die in America: Zionism is Now the Only Religion Allowed in the U.S.

Protests against the genocide happening in Gaza have continued to increase across America, with thousands of students in American universities and colleges protesting against the daily mass murders of innocent civilians and children happening in Israel.

Last week, over 100 students were arrested at Columbia University in New York, with many students at other campuses all across the nation joining them in protest this past weekend.


The arrests of over 100 students at Columbia University last week came one day after Columbia University President Nemat Shafik appeared before a U.S. Federal Congressional hearing on “Antisemitism”.

She was specifically asked by Congresswoman Lisa McClain if the phrase “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” was antisemitic or not.

Dr. Shafik had obviously prepared for this question, because it was an answer to this question that resulted in the resignations of the President of Harvard University and the President of the University of Pennsylvania just a few months earlier.

Perhaps guessing that Dr. Shafik had prepared for this question, Congresswoman McClain added a new twist to the question: “or long live the intifada“, which is a completely different statement.

If Dr. Shafik had been allowed time to fully address both questions, perhaps she would have differentiated between the two, but as you will hear, she had no opportunity to fully answer the question, and was restricted to either a “yes” or “no” response.

(Also, what is that medallion that the Congresswoman is wearing around her neck that she clearly wants to display to everyone??)

Next, listen to Congresswoman Elise Stefanik try to clearly put words into Ms. Shafik’s mouth when she claimed that Ms. Shafik was “changing her testimony” about whether or not the protests on the Columbia University campus were “antisemitic” protests or not, simply because there were some protesters, whether they were with the group organizing the protest or not, shout out phrases that she claims were “antisemitic” and therefore made the entire protest “antisemitic.”

As to the tenured Professor at Columbia University whom Dr. Shafik was continually grilled about and was expected to remove, his name is Dr. Joseph Massad, who is a Christian Arab, and the calls for him to resign are over this article he published the day after the October 7 attacks in Israel:

Just another battle or the Palestinian war of liberation?

I have read through this article twice now, and I do not see anything that Dr. Massad wrote that condoned killing Jews, or anyone else, that would require him to be terminated from his position as a Professor at Columbia University.

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