Doctor U-Turns, Issues Public Apology for Pushing Covid Shots


by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

A prominent pro-vax doctor is going viral on social media after making a complete U-turn to issue a public apology for promoting Covid mRNA shots and pushing the injections onto his patients.

Dr. Syafiq Nordin, a restorative medicine doctor from Malaysia, issued a heartfelt apology to his patients and followers for his role in administering the shots.

Nordin revealed that he has received three doses of Pfizer’s mRNA shot himself.


In a statement he published on social media, Nordin says he is “sorry” for the “many mistakes” he made by recommending the experimental injections.

Writing in a post on Facebook to his 10,000 followers, the doctor said he is “saddened” by the impact of his role in administering the Pfizer vaccine.

He admits to having regrets following recent disclosures surrounding Pfizer and feels a part of the weakness within the industry that has come to light.

Nordin offers a heartfelt apology, especially to those who sought his medical advice during the mass global vaccination campaign.

Dr. Nordin joins several other prominent medical professionals who have U-turned on the Covid shots, including Dr. Drew, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, Dr. John Campbell, Prof. Angus Dalgleish, and more.

The news comes amid mounting evidence to support links between Covid shots and cancerimmunity deficiencyheart failureblood clots, and sudden deaths.

As Slay News reported, official government data published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows a shocking spike in cancer among Americans who received Covid mRNA shots.

The latest figures published by the CDC confirm that the injections caused a staggering 14,000% increase in cancer cases in the United States up to the end of March 2024.

The data also reveals an alarming 6,113% increase in cancer cases reported among children and young adults.

The World Health Organization (WHO), meanwhile, now predicts that cancer cases are going to continue soaring for the foreseeable future.

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