European princess provides key to defeating Western death cult driven by demonic spirit of ‘nihilism’


by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News:

Princess Gloria exposes Western puppet leaders for encouraging demographic time bomb that is meant to destroy Western civilization from within

One of the main themes of my 2017 book, Stealth Invasion, was the demographic ticking time bomb hanging over Western nations, which have come under the spell of modernism and the idea that having large families is somehow irresponsible, if not evil. That was seven years ago when I sounded the alarm, and the birth dearth has only gotten worse since then, exacerbated by societal pressures and a mass-propaganda campaign promoting toxic spike protein-laced injections. Should we be surprised that Amazon took the rare action of banning my book in December 2022? If you look at the list, Amazon does not ban many books! (Stealth Invasion is still available at Barnes and Noble)


Now, Princess Gloria of Germany is standing up and blasting out the truth on this foundational topic. She spoke at a conservative conference in Brussels, Belgium, this week, and it’s no coincidence that the police in that country tried to shut this conference down. There was too much truth being shouted from the housetops. Please read this excellent article below about Princess Gloria’s powerful speech from LifeSite News.


Princess Gloria of Germany

By Dorothy Cummings McLean

A German Catholic princess has given an impassioned speech on behalf of dwindling European families at the National Conservatism Convention.

Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis, a dear friend of the late Pope Benedict XVI, made her remarks this week at the meeting in Brussels, a conference she told LifeSiteNews was “very well organized.”  She began her talk with a reference to famous television shows.

“The last TV series I can remember that promoted the beauty of a large family was “The Waltons” and “The Partridge Family” in the 70s when I grew up,” Princess Gloria remarked.

“I can’t remember any movie for the last 20 years at least where family was portrayed as something wonderful to strive for.”

“Today it looks like the only people who want to get married are homosexuals. Heterosexuals live together but have no children and don’t get married.”

The princess blamed the current economic situation, in which both men and women must work and therefore have no time to raise children. At the same time, she noted, the dropping European birthrate has led to a need to “import” a workforce from “the global south.”

Princess Gloria suggested that by encouraging foreign migration while discouraging the creation of families among the indigenous populations, European nations are committing suicide.

“The demographic development of Europe is no surprise,” she declared.

“We have known now for decades that, due to our low reproduction rates, a labor shortage awaits us, and yet still our leaders kept financing the killing of our own offspring. Why? what sense does this make? Is there some kind of racism behind it all? Why are we encouraging our own self-extinction?

The princess pointed to Hungary as a country that is successfully solving its demographic crisis through encouraging couples to have children.

“Hungary has shown that it is possible to turn around and raise reproduction rates significantly,” she said. “Young families receive significant help financially from the government and social recognition too. It is not impossible to rent an apartment in Hungary when you have more than two children. In Germany it is.”

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