Did Israel Even Attack Iran??


by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News:

The highly anticipated response by Israel over Iran’s recent bombing of Israel with over 300 attack drones and missiles, which resulted in zero deaths and only some damage on a desert military base, was reported as being launched by Israel into Iran yesterday (April 19th).

In the days leading up to this alleged “attack,” the debate among the Israeli military was whether or not this attack should be “hard” in “revenge”, or limited in scope to “avoid escalation” in the region.

Here is how CBS News reported the “attacks” as they were allegedly happening:

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Two U.S. officials confirm to CBS News that an Israeli missile has hit Iran. The strike follows last weekend’s retaliatory drone and missile attack against Israel, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to respond to.

Officials were tightlipped about the location or extent of the Israeli strike. (Source)

This was happening very late Thursday night (April 18th) in the U.S., when it was April 19th in Iran and Israel.

I saw these headlines just before I went to bed Thursday night.

The next morning, more details began to emerge, and it was reported that the alleged attacks were in the city of Isfahan, where Iran reportedly had nuclear facilities.

As more and more details emerged, the U.S. media was reporting that the “attacks” actually came from within Iran, and were not in fact “missiles”, but “drones.”

So I went to the Iranian English News site, TasnimNews.com, and they were reporting that there were no airstrikes at all.

Exclusive: Sources Reject Rumors about Attack on Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – There are no reports of an attack from abroad against Isfahan or any other part of Iran, informed sources told Tasnim on Friday.

The informed sources told Tasnim that contrary to the rumors and claims made by the Israeli media on Friday morning, there are no reports of an attack from abroad on Iran’s central city of Isfahan or any other part of the country.

“Air defense units were activated in some places such as Isfahan and Tabriz, but that measures were due to the high sensitivity of the air defense systems due to the current situation and the ‘possibility’ of detecting some small drones,” sources underlined.

Also, informed sources told Tasnim that despite the rumors, until now there is no report that a big explosion occurred in Isfahan or possible missile attack.

The nuclear facility in Isfahan province is also completely safe and the report of some foreign media about incidents in Isfahan facility is incorrect. (Source.)

Later in the day the Iranian press updated their news to report that there actually were some  “suspicious” objects that were sighted:

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Iranian Army said the sound of an explosion that was heard in the central city of Isfahan on Friday morning was caused by the air defense shots, giving an assurance that it has caused no damages or casualties.

In remarks on Friday, the Army’s senior representative in Isfahan said the relatively loud sound of explosion that was heard in the eastern parts of Isfahan this morning was the result of shots fired at “suspicious” objects by the air defense units.

General Mihandoost soothed concerns about the sound of explosion, saying there has been no damages or specific incident. (Source.)

As the day progressed, the Iranian media began to mock the Western media, showing people in Isfahan allegedly going about their business as if nothing had happened.

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