Vaccines and “Fabricated Propaganda”: The Character Assassination Directed against Robert Kennedy Jr.


by Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null, Global Research:

Today, the largest purveyor of misinformation and fabricated propaganda is the US government, think tanks, compromised NGOs, social media and the mainstream corporate media. Behind this web and its false narratives is a network of powerful special interest groups who fund script writers and journalists, traitors to their profession, in order to promulgate their message. This certainly seems to be the case of a hit piece targeting Robert Kennedy Jr recently printed in the Libertarian publication Reason.

Liz Wolfe’s smear job is only one among many efforts to criticize and delegitimize Kennedy as a viable presidential candidate and to associate him with conspiracy theories.


The rise in Kennedy’s popularity in the polls clearly shows he represents a very real challenge to the status quo in Washington. As the campaign season proceeds, we can expect to see many more such sullied articles, and they will increase in direct proportion to the threats Kennedy poses to those in power.

For many, Kennedy’s appearance in the presidential race is a breath of fresh air for voters across the political spectrum. He represents those higher ideals of his father and his uncle JFK.

Traditional Democrats despair at the party’s lack of substance. This segment are older, more independent yet cling to the party out of loyalty while simultaneously being fed up with the Clinton Wall Street New Democrats and their duplicity, lack of traditional liberal ideals and its growing legacy of deceit and dishonesty.

This arrives at a time when a July Gallup poll found Americans’ faith in our political institutions at an historical low, with public confidence in the presidency at 26 percent and Congress at 8 percent. The television news and prejudiced print media, which Wolfe represents, are equally at dismal lows of 14 percent and 18 percent respectively.

Therefore it is understandable that Kennedy would worry the ideologues in Washington because they are at loggerheads over what might happen to their control over national policy if he were elected.

What they can be certain of is that Kennedy will not be as compliant and manageable as Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama and Biden.

Screenshot of Liz Wolfe’s article

We therefore offer a simple rebuttal to this  journalist and challenge Reason‘s editorial board for their serious negligence in properly vetting a cheap screed that is demonstrably false.

Wolfe’s Reason article purports to be an objective critique based upon scientific evidence, especially regarding vaccines and infectious disease.

Instead, she fails to support any of her maligned accusations with reliable evidence.

Kennedy on many occasions since announcing his presidential candidacy has been challenged about his stance on vaccine safety. Repeatedly he has retold the story about filing a complaint in the US Southern District of New York Court against the Department of Health and Human Services for its failure to provide a single documented example for any vaccine on the CDC’s children’s vaccination schedule showing that it has been properly tested against a placebo like all pharmaceutical drugs before licensure. By HHS’s own admission, Kennedy stated, no such clinical trial exists. The court document states:

“The [Department]’s searchers for records did not locate any records responsive to your request. The Department of Health and Human Services Immediate Office of the Secretary conducted a thorough search of its document tracking systems…. Also conducted a comprehensive review of all the relevant indexes… of records maintained at Federal Records Centers…”

Except for those mentally handicapped, what other proof is necessary? The federal agency’s attempts to explain away the rationale for the absence of placebo controlled studies in pre-licensure vaccine clinical trials violates all scientific standards of efficacy and safety. Here we enter the twilight zone of corporate science and encounter perhaps one of the most ludicrous declarations in the history of modern medicine.  The HHS responds,

“Inert placebo controls are not required to understand the safety profile of a new vaccine and are thus not required. In some cases, inclusion of placebo control groups is considered unethical. Even in the absence of a placebo, control groups can be useful for evaluating whether the incidence of a specific observed adverse event exceeds that which would be expected without administration of the new vaccine.”

This is voodoo medicine and magical thinking; however, these are not the words of witchdoctors but rather our senior government health officials responsible for the public safety of children’s health and well-being.

Besides there is a voluminous body of peer-reviewed scientific papers showing a strong causal relationship between toxic vaccine ingredients and the rise in childhood neurological disorders.

Biology professor Brian Hooker, and a father of a vaccine-injured autistic son, recently published one of the few thorough studies to date comparing the health status between vaccinated and unvaccinated children.

Hooker’s and his colleague Dr. Neil Miller’s results reported a statistically significant higher incidence of lower mental development, inflammatory gastrointestinal disorders (as Andrew Wakefield’s Lancet study reported), asthma and ear infections among those vaccinated. Wolfe’s argument that the high rate of delayed mental conditions, such as autism or ADHD, is simply a consequence of undiagnosed cases is at its core disingenuous. It is also stupid. Preparing for this rebuttal to put Wolfe’s wildly opinionated jeremiad into context, we have been unable to find a single robust study in the National Library of Medicine that even suggests Wolfe’s claim might be reasonable.

Moreover, Kennedy has never placed all of the blame for the rise in autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders on vaccines.

As a seasoned environmental attorney for several decades, he is knowledgeable about other environmental toxins found in common everyday household products that contribute to neurodevelopmental delays. Wolfe could have at least conducted a very simple internet search to discover exposure to methylmercury, PCBs, brominated flame retardants, endocrine disruptors, organic pesticides, etc. among the top ten environmental contributors to autism and learning disabilities.  A recent study from Hebrew University in Jerusalem has reconfirmed earlier evidence that fetal phthalates in “everywhere plastic” interfere with emotional and behavioral developmental issues in 2 year old boys.

Taking a side smack at Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Wolfe has evidently fallen into the same rabbit hole as every other pro-vaccination ideologue before her to accuse the British gastroenterological specialist as the father of the anti-vaccination movement. However, what Wakefield’s retracted Lancet paper concludes makes no reference to the MMR vaccine as a cause for autism. The paper states,

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