The United States has been the Center of the New World Order Controlled by Satan for 250 Years


by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News:

In my New Year’s article for 2023, I asked this question about the year 2023: “Will America Fulfill Its Destiny?” I wrote:

As the year 2022 comes to a close, there can be little doubt that the United States is a nation in decline, in many ways. More and more people are waking up to the fact that the U.S. Government is not looking out for the best interests of its citizens, and in fact is part of the Global plan to implement a New World Order.


And a big part of that plan is to reduce the world’s population, something we saw accelerate in 2022 with unprecedented “unexplained sudden deaths” among young, healthy adults, as well as unprecedented fetal deaths.

It is a shame that it took a worldwide scam known as “COVID-19” and then the roll out of the COVID-19 “vaccines” to start waking people up to this fact, even though most are still asleep and trusting their government and corporate media, when there have been others that have been warning about this plan to implement a New World Order for many decades now, but written off by pop culture and the corporate media as “conspiracy theorists,” a term first used by the CIA to refer to people who did not accept the Government narrative on the assassination of President Kennedy in the 1960s.

The fact is, the evidence that the U.S. is part of a New World Order that follows Satan rather than God, has been right in front of our eyes since the founding of this nation, as many of our “founding fathers” were members of Freemasonry, and their images and symbols are everywhere in our culture, including “The Great Seal” of the United States, which is printed into our currency on the $1 bill.

One of the Latin phrases at the bottom of that seal is “Novus ordo seclorum,” which means “A New Order of the Ages.” (Full article.)

I am writing this follow-up article today on Sunday September 24, 2023, where the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur, the “Day of Atonement,” will begin at sundown, and is considered by many to be the holiest day of the year, while yesterday, September 23, 2023, was the Autumn Equinox, marking the first day of the Fall season in the Northern Hemisphere.

Change is definitely in the air, I can feel it, and so it is time to remind ourselves that the United States has been the center of the plans to create a New World Order since this nation was founded almost 250 years ago, and the worldwide center of Freemasonry.

Or to put it another way, the United States of America is probably the most evil place in the world, because it was founded with the goal to be the center of Freemasonry, and a Satanic New World Order.

The United States of Freemasonry

George Washington was a 33 degree Freemason (the highest order.) In this image, Washington is shown in his masonic attire, holding scroll, and trowel. Portraits of Lafayette and Jackson are in the corners. He joined the Masonic Lodge in Fredericksburg, Virginia at the age of 20 in 1752. At his first inauguration in 1791, President Washington took his oath of office on a Bible from St. John’s Masonic Lodge in New York. In retirement, Washington became charter Master of the newly chartered Alexandria Masonic Lodge No. 22, sat for a portrait in his Masonic regalia, and in death, was buried with Masonic honors. This image is in many places on the Internet.

If you are not yet familiar with the secret society called “Freemasonry,” I highly recommend the video produced by the Australian Altiyan Childs, a former Freemason turned whistleblower. See:

Insider Exposes Freemasonry as the World’s Oldest Secret Religion and the Luciferian Plans for The New World Order

Freemasonry was the driving force that founded the United States of America, as most of the key people who founded the United States were Freemasons, and at least 15 Presidents of the United States were full fledged members of Freemasonry, many of them 33rd degree Freemasons, the highest ranking. See:


Being a “secret society”, however, means that many members keep their membership secret, so there is no doubt that anyone who has ever held the highest office in the U.S. as “President” was either a full fledged member of the Freemasons or controlled by Freemasonry.

Some, such as Ronald Reagan, where “honorary Freemasons” (source), while others were members of Freemason sub-groups, such as Bill Clinton who was a member of DeMolay International (source), or Yale’s “Skull and Bones” secret society which William Taft and both President Bushes were members of before they became Presidents. (Source.)

Donald Trump was the first billionaire to become President of the United States, and was undoubtedly connected to Freemasonry long before he became President, as his “Trump Towers” building in New York City was built as a Freemason temple. See:

Is Donald Trump a Freemason? Is Trump Tower in New York a Satanic Temple?

Altiyan Childs refers to Freemasonry as “the oldest religion in the world” and equivalent with “Satanism.”

Many trace the beginnings of Freemasonry to the Tower of Babel story recorded in the Bible in Genesis chapter 11, the last recorded time the world had a “One World Government,” but I have traced its beginning all the way back to Genesis chapter 4 and the story of the first recorded murder in human history, where Cain killed his brother Abel, and then was banished from the world’s economic system which was based on agriculture, and was forced to build the first recorded city in human history. See:

Identifying the Luciferian Globalists Implementing the New World Order – Who are the “Jews”?

The Freemasons control the world’s finances, so at the top of the rung in Freemasonry are the world’s Central Bankers and Billionaires who control the flow of finances. They are mostly referred to as “Jews,” although they are not religious (“Torah”) Jews nor even ethnic Jews who can trace their lineage back to Abraham. They are what I refer to as “Satanic Jews“, or just a name used for those in places of power and influence who serve Satan.

Jesus Christ encountered them in Jerusalem when he walked the earth in the First Century, and you can read his dialog with them in John chapter 8 in the Bible, where he clearly stated that they were children of the Devil, who is the “Father of lies” and “a murderer.”

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