Burger King Facing Boycotts for Pulling Advertising From Rumble Over Russell Brand Controversy


by Jeff Charles, Red State:

The controversy over the sexual assault allegations against podcaster and comedian Russell Brand continues to dominate political discourse. When accusations emerged, it led to a series of occurrences that have made ripples in the world of entertainment and business.

Brand, who has denied the allegations, finds himself at the center of a storm. But now, companies like Burger King and others have also been targeted for criticism after it was revealed they pulled their advertising from the video-sharing platform Rumble, which has continued to allow Brand to broadcast on their platform after YouTube demonetized his channel due to the controversy.

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The revelation came from The News Movement, a TikTok channel.

Burger King and other companies have removed their adverts from a video-sharing platform that continues to host Russell Brand after he was accused of rape and sexual assault, [news outlet] i can reveal.

The move by several firms, selling everything from software to soft toys, to pull their ads from US-based Rumble follows the decision by YouTube to suspend ad revenue on the comedian’s channels – and Rumble’s refusal to follow suit.

Now, it appears that Burger King might get the Bud Light treatment, with several conservative influencers threatening to boycott the fast-food giant.

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