The Antisemitic COVID Lockdown Psyop


by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

I’m thinking we do this one in New York.

I thought we were going for Chicago.

Yeah, but we don’t want to disrupt the flow of drugs in and out of there.

Right. So New York. We spray a toxic chemical with limited dispersion?

No. This time it’s all theater. We pick out 15 recently arrived migrants, pay them each a couple of thousand bucks, and transport them to some island in the South Pacific. They never enter the system.


No hospital?

None. The Times and the Post get the story first. 15 immigrants infected by the virus die in New York. The new variant came on suddenly and they expired. Names being withheld.

Won’t that raise a storm about immigration at the border?

That’s what we want. Sharp polarization. People demanding we shut the border. Other people insisting it has to stay open.

OK, got it. But then what? Lock down New York?

Tight as a drum.

Why bother paying immigrants and flying them to islands? Just SAY 15 migrants died. Nobody is keeping track of those people.

You know what? You’re right. That makes it even easier.

And not only that, we say the migrants came to New York via Florida, where they were present protesting the recent Nazi group demonstration.

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