We are moving toward a Global Empire and enslavement of humanity in a Digital Gulag


by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

Using the fake covid pandemic narrative as cover, the privileged, power-mad parasites who pilfer the world’s wealth have sharply accelerated their longstanding plan to create a single global empire that is completely under their command. 

This single global empire will ultimately employ the services of all the transnational institutions on the planet to regulate and control every aspect of human life. 

It is a global empire run by an exclusive club, perhaps 8,000 to 12,000 strong, whose members do not pledge allegiance to any national flag, who snobbishly view themselves as superior to their countrymen, and who are indifferent to political ideology so long as they can control the political structure from within. They aim to erase all national borders and are well on their way to shredding the constitutions of every nation-state.

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It is a global empire that, unlike days of yore, needs no standing army to wage war on a battlefield against an opposing empire. For, in this era of the single global empire, the enemy being subdued is each and every one of us.

That mission is being accomplished through a sophisticated information warfare campaign, which is designed to monitor and manipulate our every thought, word, and deed.

The above is the introduction to an article written by David Skripac titled ‘Moving Toward a Global Empire: Humanity Sentenced to a Unipolar Prison and a Digital Gulag’.  You can read the full article HERE.

A Global Empire is emerging catalysed by COVID1984

David Skripac has a Bachelor of Technology degree in Aerospace Engineering. He served as a Captain in the Canadian Forces for nine years. During his two tours of duty in the Air Force, he flew extensively in the former Yugoslavia as well as in Somalia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Djibouti.

At the end of July, Skripac discussed, with the host of the Geopolitics & Empire podcast Hrvoje Morićhow, his father’s escape from communist Yugoslavia, his work in the field for the Canadian Forces, and his research of history led him to a proper understanding of what is going on.

He discussed the emerging global empire and how covid-19 was used as a catalyst to erode our freedoms and erase national sovereignty. The digital gulag is the endgame. He doesn’t believe Putin is against the globalist agenda and that BRICS is two sides of the same coin.

Geopolitics & Empire: David Skripac | A Global Empire is Emerging Catalysed by COVID1984, 30 July 2023 (69 mins)

If you are unable to watch the video above on Rumble, you can watch it on Bitchute HERE or Brighteon HERE.

In the video above, Skripac explained that war is never about freedom or democracy despite what governments say; it is always about economics. Even going back to Roman times, wars have always been about economics.

For Skripac, the first indication that the covid pandemic was a fraud was the events surrounding the Diamond Princess.  For weeks, 3,700 people were onboard the covid infected cruise ship yet, at first it was reported only three passengers died.  They died weeks after the passengers has disembarked from the ship.  From this, the media was stating that covid had an infection fatality rate (“IFR”) of 3%.  “That was the first light [that came on] for me [that] something was wrong,” he said.

In April 2020, John Ioannidis published his paper suggesting that covid had an IFR of 0.12% to 0.2% which is similar to that of the seasonal flu. “But the media still kept going on: ‘It’s a global pandemic, it’s a global pandemic,” Skripac said. “And then suddenly all the world leaders – Angela Merkle, Justin Trudeau, everyone was saying ‘this is the new normal until a vaccine can be developed’. Why were they saying that? Something was wrong … that’s when the light came on for me [that] something’s wrong here.”

Further reading: John Ioannidis Responds to His Critics, Undark, 9 May 2020

All governments are synchronised and have been working together on covid.  This global empire that is emerging has a Hydra at the top, Skripac explained.  “The head is the Bank for International Settlements.”

The Bank for International Settlements works with the policymakers – such as the Rockefeller Institute, Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations and The Royal Institute of International Affairs (also known as Chatham House).  Together the BIS and policymakers influence the policy distributors at the United Nations, World Health Organisation and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (“IPCC”) to coopt governments.  “The governments by various means – have either been either bought out or coerced, blackmailed – so that this agenda was uniform,” Skripac said.

Source: Iain Davis

Further reading: UN SDGs implant “human rights” and attempt to override our inalienable rights, The Exposé, 1 July 2023

For those who believe Russia’s Vladimir Putin is fighting against the global cabal, Skripac recommended they read Rolo Slavskiy’s Substack page ‘The Slavland Chronicles’ or Edward Slavsquat’s Substack page.  Both are “producing some excellent stuff about what’s really going on in Russia,” Skripac said.  And, “Mr. Putin is not against the globalist agenda.”

All the covid measures imposed in the West – lockdowns, QR codes, contact tracing, injections – were also imposed on Russians.  “Putin is a charlatan, he is not a patriot … Putin is selling [the Russian people] out completely,” Skripac said.

BRICS is not an alternative but is the other side of the same coin as the cabal in the West.  And, Russia is not going against the globalist agenda – Agenda 2030 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution are being rolled out in Russia. “It is in lockstep, 100 per cent in line with the globalists, with the WEF [World Economic Forum] … [Putin] thinks that maybe by playing along with the cabal in the West … he thinks that will somehow spare Russia in the long run – that will not happen,” Skripac told Morićhow.

Another example of how the global “elites” are working towards the same plan is that Putin has been spearheading the Eurasian Economic Union (“EAEU”). In 2015 the EAEU became the latest version of integration in the post-soviet space, bringing together Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan in a Union, taking the European Union as its model.

But the EAEU is not the only union of countries to be taking the EU as its model.  According to Morićhow, in recent years various South American political leaders have called for the Union of South American Nations (“USAN”), sometimes referred to as the South American Union, to be based on the EU model.

Needless to say, the EU and its assimilation of the continent under one flag is viewed by globalists as a shining example of the “new world order.”

The way the EU is set up, Skripac explained, is the European Commission (“EC”), which is the executive branch of the EU, is made up of unelected, unaccountable officials.  “Whenever they try to emulate that, or replicate it in Latin America or wherever you’re creating a completely undemocratic institution,” he said.  Adding that the EC dictates policy that Members of the European Parliament essentially rubber stamp. It is a completely autocratic system modelled very closely on the communist government of China which has a central committee that dictates policies.

The European Central Bank was created by the Bank of International Settlements.  “Another secretive, completely dictatorial institution which no one knows how it operates,” Skripac said.  The European Central Bank is not to help European citizens, he said, “it’s part of the enslavement agenda.”

What is the ultimate goal?

The ultimate goal, Skripac told Morićhow, is to remove our individual freedoms, destroy our inalienable rights and enslave us all.  It is “collectivism on an international scale,” he said.

Collectivism is found in varying degrees in movements such as socialism, communism and fascism.  In communist systems, collectivism is carried to its furthest extreme, with a minimum of private ownership and a maximum of planned economy.

Collectivist societies emphasise the needs and goals of the group as a whole over the needs and desires of each individual. Collectivism requires that relationships with other members of the group and the interconnectedness between people play a central role in each person’s identity. To achieve a collectivist society, family values need to be erased and organised religions destroyed, for example.

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