Stupid Ideological Nonsense Is So Fundamental to the American System That There Is No Path to Fixing This Society


by Andrew Anglin, The Unz Review:

Imagine it – we’re two and a half years out from the event.

They knew exactly who every single one of these people was within hours.

The Capitol has thousands of cameras. And unless you don’t have a driver’s license, the FBI has your biometrics, and can identify you with CCTV footage. Frankly, they probably have your biometrics even if you never had your photo taken for a driver’s license or other state ID (but that would obviously be a very small group of people).


Furthermore: cellphone companies turned over the data of every phone that was in the Capitol that day. It could be a larger group of people who would not bring their phones with them that day, but it would still be a small percentage of people – it would be particularly small among the people who thought it was a good idea to enter the Capitol when the cops were waving them in (these people are not the cleverest bunch, sadly).

But they are claiming that they are still investigating this, still tracking down new “rioters”? They are claiming they needed the help of “online sleuths”? And the media is going along with it, not pointing out the fact that it would be impossible – no matter how incompetent they are – to have not had everyone identified in hours (it’s just computers – the computers do the work).

What sort of absurd charade are they engaged in here?

NBC News:

A Capitol rioter known to online sleuths as “Shield Grampy” — a reference to his age and his use of a police shield during the battle at the lower west tunnel on Jan. 6, 2021 — has been arrested by the FBI, according to court documents.

Anthony Mastanduno, who was No. 397 on the FBI’s Capitol Violence website, was charged with a variety of federal crimes, including assaulting law enforcement. The FBI said he used a stolen police shield to assault officers, as well as a baton and a blue pole.

Well, if he’s on video actually committing a real crime – which was the case for only a very tiny fraction of a percent of the people arrested, as virtually all any of them did was walk into the Capitol building after the police invited them – then it makes it all the stranger they would wait this long.

If they have video of him stealing a cop’s shield, baton, and blue pole, and beating cops with it, it would have made a lot more sense to make him the center of attention than the QAnon Shaman, who literally did nothing wrong.

The FBI found that Mastanduno’s publicly accessible Facebook page included an image of the “Trump 2020 Keep America Great!” hat that he appears to have worn to the Capitol, which included a patch on the bill “containing half of an American flag and half of the Marines insignia.” His Facebook page also including a post: “Biden has not won anything under the electors in December then. and only then he will have won/stole.”

After it contacted Mastanduno’s employer, the FBI said, it learned he had been absent from work on Jan. 6 and Jan. 7.

Federal authorities have charged roughly 1,100 of the more than 3,000 people who could ultimately face charges in connection with the attack on the Capitol. Online “Sedition Hunters” have identified hundreds of rioters who have not yet been arrested by the FBI. The statute of limitations on most of the crimes committed that day expires in about 28 months, in January 2026.

This entire farce is another one of these shit-tests from the government.

“Let’s all pretend to believe in something that doesn’t make any basic sense, and it will unite us against people who believe things based in reality.”

It’s that, and also, presumably, a celebration of how stupid the government’s own supporters are. I try not to mention 1984, because everyone references it and it had become cliché. But so many observations remain pithy. In the book, the government did both things:

  • Had people pretend to believe that obviously false things were true because the government said so, and
  • Celebrated and encouraged low level moronism.

It’s also sending a message that nothing is ever over, and they can come for anyone whenever they want. This “ongoing raids” thing creates a general sense of fear. Further, it keeps the event in people’s minds – remember that still today, they are arresting 100-year-old Wehrmacht soldiers and random Nazi secretaries and charging them with mass murder.

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