As Globalists March In Lockstep Carrying Out More Psyops On The Masses, Remember A Rockefeller Foundation 2010 ‘Scenarios For The Future’ Report ‘Predicted’ A March To Medical Tyranny


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

With the globalists suddenly ramping up the ‘COVID hysteria at a time when most people thought it was over and done, I decided to reach out to my sister who works in an administrative capacity at a University hospital to ask her if she had heard any such ‘babbling‘ such as ‘masks returning‘ as they’re doing at 2 different hospitals in Syracuse, New York right now.

With ‘K‘ responding to me that her hospital hadn’t reinstated mask mandates, nor had she heard of any rumors of them doing so, and she was hoping like hell that they didn’t because they only got rid of them this past springso it would be a crying shame if we had to go backwardsshe also warned that the bottom line was: they’ll do whatever CMS or OSHA requires them to do.


Also telling me that while she’d heard about the new strain, and while she’d also heard that COVID admissions to hospitals were increasing, she’d also heard that patients are recovering more quickly and have more mild symptoms, she also shared these words of common sense that those in power, who are already insanely pushing more vaxxes to up their profit margins, would not approve of.:

With COVID morphing into more of a flu-like illness (one that has different strains emerging annually), then we should handle it like the flu. Stay home if you’re unwell and those who want a vaccine can get one. Period. It’s very clear that COVID isn’t going to be eradicated and that it’s something we’ll have to learn to live with. 

Also telling me that any kind of new ‘mandates‘ or ‘lockdowns‘ would ‘devastate the Feds in the 2024 election’ and just ‘hand the election to Trump on a silver platter,‘ I emailed back to her that I wish it was that simple but sadly, it’s not, with the anti-America team using the 2020 COVID lockdowns to quite literally STEAL the election via massive mail in voting fraud as we’ve been reporting on ANP for years.

And with history proving to us that once they’ve done something so illegal and fraudulent successfully once, they’ll keep playing the same card over and over again, as we’d warned here on ANP all the way back on March 17th of 2020, nearly 8 months before the 2020 election and only months into the ‘COVID scamdemic,’ everything we were already witnessing was playing out nearly exactly as a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Paper had ‘predicted‘ they would, with that paper laying out an ominous scenario how a pandemic could be used to ‘lock down society‘ and ‘institute a dictatorship‘ as we’ll explore in much more detail below.

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