GET READY … for the Greatest “Shock and Awe” False Flag Operation in Human History


from State Of The Nation:

ETs & EBEs
Area 51 & RAF Rudloe Manor
Pine Gap & Groom Lake
Majestic 12 & UFO Truth Embargo
JFK Assassination & Forrestal MurderHillary Clinton & John Podesta
First Contact & SETI
Disclosure & The Galileo Project
Roswell Incident & Interstellar Oumuamua
Alien Abductions & Alien Invasions


Project Blue Book & Project Blue Beam
Alien Human Hybrids & Ancient Aliens
SDI & Star Wars Program
Space X & Starlink
Space Force & Secret Space Program
Breakaway Civilization & Autonomous Superintelligence
WTF is going on?!?!?!
Really, what in the world is going on regarding the unparalleled flurry of UFO disclosures and alien leaks over the past year?!
It’s totally crazy … … … as in crazy like a
dangerously crazy Khazarian fox.
Now read this crazy little leak from a “Veteran Intelligence Analyst and Longtime UFO Researcher” about the exceedingly momentous 2016 POTUS election.

Hillary Clinton embracing her real father-in-law Laurance Rockefeller

“The photos both above and below of Hillary Clinton with her father-in-law Laurance Rockefeller tell the whole story.  The reason why William Jefferson Clinton’s father is listed as William Jefferson Blythe Jr. is because he was actually sired by Laurance Rockefeller of the famously wealthy and powerful Rockefeller family.  The false fatherhood story was obviously floated early on to hide Bill Clinton’s radioactive Rockefeller pedigree.

Blythe was quite conveniently murdered in a car accident only 3 months before Bill Clinton’s birth so that the cover story would never be put in jeopardy (see the following reference).

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