Assault on Reality: Trans Products Undermine Women’s Identity


by Tom Renz, Esq., America Outloud:

What I want to talk about today is the war on God and its tie-in to business.

There was a great article on Front Page titled, “Target CEO: “Applying What We Learned” After Sales Crash Due to ‘Transgenderizing’ Kids. “You will see us celebrate Pride, but with these modifications.” It starts out with,

“The media is calling what happened to Target a “Pride Month backlash.” That’s not true. Target has been doing Pride Month for a long time. So have most major corporations. They’re not being boycotted over that.”


Bud Light got hammered for endorsing Dylan Mulvaney’s contemptuous mockery and transgender displacement of women. Target did even worse by pushing destructive and harmful ‘chest binders’ for young girls.”

“Now Target has lost an estimated $10 billion in value after promoting “chest binders.” These dangerous and damaging pieces of equipment are meant to groom girls into identifying as boys. The chest binders were allegedly being sold in sizes as small as XS. The company also offered baby onesies and bibs promoting transgenderism.”

Then they have a couple of quotes in the article from kids talking about these chest binders and how sick they made them. No kidding!

I don’t want to put too fine of a point on this, but if you have boobs and you try to squeeze them into nothing, it probably hurts. This is just stupid.

It reminds me of medieval corsets but worse. Target also included transgender swimsuits so boys can hide their junk in a swimsuit.

Here’s the thing, this entire agenda is about attacking women and reality.

I won’t get into the morality of gay. I want to talk about the law. As an American, you have the freedom and the right to do what you want to do in your bedroom. It’s not my business.

We can argue morality, but that’s a far cry from the government regulating it. The government has no right to regulate it.

I’m a Christian. I’m not justifying someone being gay as being moral. However, the Bible says lying, cheating, and premarital sex is all a sin. We have a tendency as Christians to look at out-of-marriage sex as a sin that’s worse when it’s gay than when it’s not gay. I’m pretty sure the Bible says they are both bad. Avoiding sin is different than legalizing and penalizing sin.

We have to distinguish between what you do in your bedroom and treating a man like a woman. A man can’t be a woman, you can cut your wiener off if you want, and it won’t make you a girl. These are things that you cannot change. If you are born a boy, you are going to be a better athlete than a girl, period.

When we look at Target, there’s a huge line in the sand.

It’s one thing to tell me as an American that I have the right legally to do what I want in my bedroom. It’s another thing entirely to tell me I have to believe something that’s not true because the government says so.

You are not a boy because you pretend to be a boy. You aren’t a girl because you pretend to be a girl, and telling me that I have to believe that is ridiculous.

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