State Department Cancels Meetings With Meta After Ban on Government Censorship Collusion


by Dan Frieth, Reclaim The Net:

A day after a judge ruled the Biden administration’s social media collusion on censorship was a likely First Amendment violation.

The injunction against the Biden administration, preventing it from colluding with social media platforms to censor is already having an impact.

The US State Department has already put on hold its scheduled meetings with social media giant Facebook, pertaining to discussions on 2024 election “safeguards,” The Washington Post reported.


This abrupt decision occurred one day following a ruling by a federal judge in Louisiana, who ruled that the Biden administration’s antics were a likely First Amendment violation.

The court’s order was brought into effect by US District Judge Terry A. Doughty, aimed at ceasing government pressure on social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms to regulate the speech of Americans.

Discovery from the case, filed by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, among others, revealed that the Biden administration had unlawfully influenced tech firms to suppress constitutionally protected speech. The administration denied the claims, stating its actions were meant to curb “misinformation.”

The State Department communicated to Facebook that the monthly meetings have been “canceled pending further guidance,” according to an anonymous source maintaining anonymity for sustaining working relationships.

According to The Post, while the source speculates similar actions for meetings with other tech companies, there is no immediate confirmation. The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has not divulged any information, and the Justice Department has already filed a notice of appeal.

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