Second American Civil War Is On Our Doorstep – Originator Of The Term ‘Culture Wars’ Says ‘You Never Have A Shooting War Without A Culture War Prior To It’


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

I read a piece yesterday, written on July 10, 2023, titled “‘Idiots,’ ‘criminals’ and ‘scum’ – nasty politics highest in US since the Civil War.”

The piece was obviously written by a liberal. The reason is clear as the author appears to be completely oblivious, or just chose to ignore, the current actions of the Biden regime against Donald Trump.

In that piece was a link to another article, this one written in 2016, which highlights foreign leaders who actually jailed their political opponents, but written based on Donald Trump’s claim at the time that he wanted to jail Hillary Clinton.


Once again, given the Biden regime’s current legal actions against the leading presidential candidate from the opposing party, Donald Trump, the author of the original piece seems completely disconnected from reality, despite the fact that she references Trump’s legal problems throughout the piece.

Not once in the piece does the author acknowledge the level of corruption of a sitting president, up for reelection, targeting the leading candidate from the opposing party.

The piece is a must-read in order to see the level of denial liberals are capable of.

How bad have things gotten? In my new book, I show that the level of nastiness in U.S. politics has increased dramatically. As an indication of that, I collected historical data from The New York Times on the relative frequency of stories involving Congress that contained keywords associated with nasty politics such as “smear,” “brawl” and “slander.” I found that nasty politics is more prevalent than at any time since the U.S. Civil War.

I totally agree with that last sentence, since discussions and attacks online are at an all time high.
Now for the pièce de résistance:

• Less common – and more ominous – are threats to jail political opponents or encouraging one’s supporters to commit violence against those opponents.

For the threats to jail political opponents, what about using federal agencies to indict, arrest, and charge politic opponents, which is exactly what the Biden regime is doing to Donald Trump.

Frankly I don’t care if conservatives back Trump, or DeSantis, or any other candidate. The ability to see what federal agencies under Biden are doing, should have nothing to do with who you support.

The piece she linked to from 2016, was published by BuzzFeed, focusing on Trump’s rhetoric to jail Hillary Clinton during one of their debates.

Trump’s threat to lock up a political enemy puts him in the company of authoritarian leaders around the world. Here are some of the world leaders who have followed through and jailed an opponent after an election, fueling outrage around the globe

The BuzzFeed article was written at the time so that author has no way of knowing that Joe Biden would attempt to jail his political opponent before the 2024 presidential election can occur.

But the author of the original article did know, and the absolute audacity of linking to an article about literally jailing political opponents without even realizing “Hey, this is what Biden is doing now!,” shows the level of denial liberals in America are living in.



It is not only political nastiness that has America so close to civil war. The so-called “culture” wars, with the media deliberately pitting the left and the right against each other, will cause all-out war faster than anything a politician can say or do.

Let’s look at some examples of that statement.

The mutilation of children, from double mastectomies’ for female minors, puberty blockers used as chemical castration for male minors, is called “gender affirming care,” by the media, and mimicked by liberals all across the internet.

Abortion. Killing a fetus within the womb, is being called “reproductive health” by the media, mimicked by liberals, when in reality abortion has nothing to do with “reproduction” at all. It is, in fact, the literal opposite of reproduction.

Another example: Removing pornographic books from being on elementary school library shelves has been labeled “book banning” by the media, and their liberal parrots online.

States disallowing the use of restrooms, locker rooms, or dressings rooms by men pretending to be women or women pretending to be men, calling themselves “transgender,” are being called by the liberal MSM “anti-trans” attacks against “trans rights.” In reality these bills are being passed to protect children from men/women being allowed in their gender-specific private spaces.

Transgenders have the same rights all Americans have. To live and love how and who they want. If they want to dress up as the opposite sex, so be it, they have the right to.

What they do not have the right to do is terrorize children of the opposite sex. They do not have the right to expose their genitals to children or adults of the opposite sex.

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