Joe Rogan: They rigged the 2020 election…


from Revolver News:

It’s no secret that Joe Rogan is not a fan of Donald Trump, but despite how he feels politically about the MAGA movement, he’s still able to be rational and impartial when discussing it. And that temperament came into play in a big way on a recent show where he and Tom Segura discussed the 2020 election and both concluded that it was absolutely rigged. Now, was it rigged by mail-in ballots? Nobody really knows for sure. Of course, we suspect it was, thanks to overwhelming fragmented evidence that’s all over the place. But we don’t have one big smoking gun that says “GOTCHA,” and honestly, the scheme was likely designed that way. However, that stuff aside, Joe and Tom still agree that the election was rigged, and the culprits were the media and the FBI, and Joe can’t figure out why more people aren’t up in arms over it.


Poll after poll shows that Americans believe cheating impacted the legitimacy of the 2020 and 2022 elections. Yet, there’s an understandable fear of getting out there and protesting; as we’ve all seen the fallout for those who attended the January 6th event. A great number of these people were unfairly targeted by the FBI and DOJ for political reasons. So, folks understandably are steering clear from protests, for fear the FBI will be there undercover to stir up trouble. That’s why in this climate, the free flow of information stands as our most potent tool — a tool the current administration is desperate to muzzle and Rogan is inevitably going to be in their crosshairs after this segment, that’s for sure.

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