Don’t Count Trump or God Out – Jonathan Cahn


by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

Seven-time, best-selling author and renowned Bible expert Jonathan Cahn has written a new book called “The Josiah Manifesto” that talks about end times, God’s timing and ancient biblical prophecies coming true as a “guide for the End Times.”  Cahn says President Donald Trump plays a role in the End Times talked about in the Bible.  Cahn explains, “The leaders of our time have actually been following a template, ancient templates of leaders in the Bible when Israel was falling into judgment.  The archetype for Donald Trump is a man named Jehu.  Jehu was a wild guy.  He was unpredictable, like Trump.  He fought with everybody, like Trump.  Nobody knew where he was at, like Trump.  Yet, he’s called by God to rise to the throne.  He actually makes an alliance with religious conservatives, like Trump.  Jehu has an agenda to go to the capitol city and drain the swamp, like Trump.  Jehu ends up standing head-to-head with the nation’s former first lady, like Trump.  In the case for Jehu, it was Jezebel.  In the case of Trump, it was Hillary Clinton.  Jezebel was for Baal worship, which was child sacrifice.  Clinton is one of the foremost proponents of abortion in the same way.  Jezebel was on the national stage with her husband for 22 years and on her own for 14 years.  Hillary was on the national stage with her husband for 22 years and on her own for 14 years.  This is stunning.  When Trump and Clinton came head-to-head, every poll said Clinton would wipe Trump away.”


What about all the legal problems Trump is going through?  Cahn says, “They can give charges against Trump.  They can charge him and do whatever they want, but is that going to stop him?  That’s another issue because Trump was impeached twice, and that did not stop him.  Jehu is the only king of the Northern kingdom that the Bible says he did good.  He did not do totally good.  It was mixed.  He did good, and he also messed up, but he was the only one of those kings that did good. . . .  Now, I am going to tell your audience something I have not released before.  Jehu was on the public stage for 28 years. . . . For Donald Trump, if they don’t stop him, they will try, but he still becomes president, his last year will be 2028.  Of course, 28 is the number of Jehu with 28 years in public life.  We shall see, and that is an exclusive for your audience.  We shall see, but I don’t think you can count Trump out . . . and don’t count God out, and that’s more important. . . . One more thing, Jehu turned against the worship of Baal.  That means he was against the killing of children. . . . Donald Trump was originally pro-abortion and then he turned pro-life.  Jehu pulled down the temple of Baal.  Donald Trump was more responsible for overturning Roe vs. Wade than anybody because of who he appointed to the Supreme Court.”

In closing, Cahn says, “Josiah was a righteous King, and everybody was falling away from God.  Josiah turned the nation of Israel around for a time.  I believe we have to be like Josiah. . . . The End Times are not just dark and doom and gloom.  The End Times is dark, gets darker and lights get brighter.  We have to start getting brighter.  The worst thing we can do is give into the darkness and be quiet and silent because we are afraid of the darkness.  We are afraid of the darkness of the culture.  We cannot do that. . . . Light pushed out the darkness.  Darkness does not push out the light.”

There is much more in the 52-minute interview.

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