Unrelated Events Show Why Americans Should Be Prepared For Everything From Unbreathable Air To Nuclear War – Once The First Nuke Drops, It Will Be Too Late To Prepare


by Susan Duclos , All News Pipeline:

Everyone knows that the next world war will be nuclear.

We haven’t seen one expert claim differently, so as the war drums beat more loudly than ever before, with the Biden regime poking not only the Russian bear, but also being openly deceitful with China, both of which are nuclear powers, we are closer to World War III than ever before.

Add to that the lesser but not unimportant issues of an erupting volcano in Hawaii and out of control wildfires in Canada literally causing health alert warnings for air quality in the U.S.,  and we find ourselves feeling the need to be prepared for more than just grid down scenarios or food shortages.

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Before the Covid fiasco and unnecessary lockdowns, we suggested getting masks, and gloves, hand sanitizers, etc….not to “comply” with any government mandates, but to use for personal protection if we wanted to, if we decided it was best for us, and we warned that those waiting might find themselves unable to obtain those items once public panic set in.

Sure enough, shortages of masks, gloves and hand sanitizer, as well as toilet paper and paper goods, saw shortages almost immediately.

So, once again we find ourselves with the mindset of get it now, be prepared, just in case.

With food prepping, and gardening, as well as grid down scenarios, we know food is being attacked on multiple levels, we know gardening will help as food prices continue to rise and even if the “rise” slows down, we will still be paying far more for everything food-related than we were in 2020, and we also know that constant attacks, cyber and physical, are happening to substations and against our grids constantly.

Preparing for those things should be considered a no-brainer.

Air quality and nuclear war on the other hand, aren’t things we generally think of before food security, yet with the recent wildfires in Canada literally clogging the air on the east coast and further inland, as well as the recent eruption of the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, brings air quality and being able to simply breathe, right to the forefront.

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