OPERATION WAGNER: Here’s what really happened!


from State Of The Nation:

PUTIN’S OPERATION WAGNER: A Consummate Chessman’s Very Risky But Necessary Black Op & Psyop

In 2021, the Foreign Policy report noted the origin of the name “Wagner” to be unknown.[87] Others say the group’s name comes from Utkin’s own call sign “Wagner”, reportedly after the German composer Richard Wagner, which Utkin is said to have chosen due to his passion for the Third Reich (Wagner being Adolf Hitler‘s favorite composer).[88][89] As such, some believe he is a neo-Nazi,[90][91] with The Economist reporting that Utkin has several Nazi tattoos.[89] Members of Wagner Group say Utkin is a Rodnover, a believer of Slavic native faith.[92] Radio Liberty cited insiders as saying that the leadership of the Wagner Group are followers of the Slavic Native Faith, a modern Pagan new religious movement.[13] In August 2017, the Turkish newspaper Yeni Şafak speculated that Utkin was possibly a figurehead for the company, while the real head of Wagner was someone else.[93]

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Various elements of Wagner have been linked to white supremacist and neo-Nazi far-right extremists,[60][89][61] such as Wagner’s openly far-right and neo-Nazi Rusich unit,[94][95][96][97] and Wagner members have left neo-Nazi graffiti on the battlefield.[61][98] However, Erica Gaston, a senior policy adviser at the UN University Centre for Policy Research, noted that the Wagner Group is not ideologically driven, but rather a network of mercenaries “linked to the Russian security state”. Russia denies the connection and officially the group does not exist.[58][87]
(Source: Wagner Group)

Submitted by An Intelligence Analyst and Former U.S. Military Officer

We’re gonna make this really simple.  That means using Occam’s Razor to use all know facts to arrive at the most self-evident conclusion.

First, read the subtitle of this post: PUTIN’S OPERATION WAGNER: A Consummate Chessman’s Very Risky But Necessary Black Op & Psyop.

Then read the two paragraphs above from Wikipedia describing the Wagner Group.

Next, understand that Wagner Group founder Yevgeny Prigozhin, a very successful Jewish businessman and restauranteur known as “Putin’s chef”, is a fellow native of Saint Petersburg, Russia (see photo below).

Yevgeny Prigozhin (L) assists Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during a dinner with foreign scholars and journalists at the restaurant Cheval Blanc on the premises of an equestrian complex outside Moscow November 11, 2011. Picture taken November 11. REUTERS/Misha Japaridze/Pool Summary

No one gets that close to a Russian President / Prime Minister except by highly purposeful design, especially where it concern Putin’s food and beverage.  And that photo was taken nearly 12 years ago, so their relationship is at least that long.

After Kiev began the systematic genocide of Russian speakers in Donbas, President Putin’s surrogates and hardcore mercenary Yevgeny Prigozhin made a plan.

The plan was to start an obviously Nazi mercenary fighting unit to carry out a variety of missions.  The Wagner Group was subsequently formed for that purpose which served as a magnet for all the flaming and closet Nazis from the four corners of the Russian Motherland.

Once Moscow launched their Special Military Operation in Ukraine, the Wagner Group was intentionally utilized to accomplish the most dangerous and deadly missions during this war.

In this way, Russian Nazis were used to neutralize Ukrainian Nazis, which is exactly what happened on the most perilous battlefields throughout the Ukraine War.

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