Was Dr. Rashid Buttar just assassinated to send a “loud and clear” message to anti-Covid vax physicians?! (IMPT UPDATE)


from State Of The Nation:

Submitted by The Armchair Conspiracy Realist
Make no mistake, whatever appears on any VIP’s Wikipedia page is what the New World Order globalist cabal is most concerned about … in either a positive or negative way.
Therefore, it’s very important to note that recently deceased Dr. Rashid Buttar’s Wikipedia page begins with the sentence shown above which states: “who is a known anti-vaxxer”.

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It should also be pointed out that his Wiki page ends with a sentence that begins with: “Buttar promotes anti-vaccination videos sold by Ty and Charlene Bollinger…..”

If there’s anything that the NWO cabal detests, it’s any medical professional who obstructs to any degree their ‘sacred’ Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.

However, these genocidal maniacs know full well that they cannot outright murder every anti-vax doctor or scientist on the planet.  Hence, they simply target a much respected and high-profile anti-vaxxer within the national healthcare community and knock him off.

Why else would a 57-year-old holistic doctor like the courageous Rashid Buttar die so suddenly and prematurely?!

Big Pharma & Medical Mafia

Let’s be very clear: Throughout the Covid Era one global crime syndicate has emerged as perhaps the most powerful and tyrannical on planet Earth—Big Pharma and their Medical Mafia hitmen.

Really, how else could any institutional entity anywhere get away with outright killing Covid patients across America WITH TOTAL AND COMPLETE IMPUNITY?!

THAT’S RIGHT—No other criminal organization on Earth that has that kind of power.

Likewise, what other public-private partnership could ever mandate the administration of a proven Covid clotshot, cancershot and killshot without any consequences whatsoever?!  The entire world community of nations is still witnessing a naked genocide and yet no one is being held accountable for this highly organized depopulation scheme. 

So, if these medical mafiosos and pharma vaxsters can get away with murder—IN BROAD DAYLIGHT—how easy is it for them to whack anyone who gets in their way anytime, anywhere.

What’s truly surprising about the tragic death of the exceptionally brave Dr. Rashid Buttar is that many more like him have not been taken out.  Of course, Big Pharma and their Medical Mafia wasted no time assassinating another great hero of the health freedom and anti-vax movements—Dr. Zev Zelenko.

Cause of death

You can be sure that the true cause of Dr. Rashid Buttar’s death will never be revealed by anyone in officialdom.  However, he did share the true state of his physical plight with a well respected colleague before his death as follows:

Due to rumors circulating and the many questions I have received as to the cause of his passing, I wish to share the last publicly recorded discussion we had, where Rashid wanted the world to know the details surrounding the sudden decline of his health.

For the record, Rashid reached out to me on Feb. 18th, and explained that only a few weeks before, he was in the ICU for 6 days, with a diagnosis of both stroke and myocarditis, with symptoms and biomarkers consistent with adverse effects from the mRNA jabs (which he did not have). As you will see in the video, he believed that he was experiencing the result of shedding (aka, “self-amplifying” properties) from the transgenic mRNA jabs.
(Source: In Loving Memory of Dr. Rashid Buttar, 1966-2023)

What this really means is that Rashid was indirectly murdered by the same weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’ that have already killed millions around the world.  Which also means that his untimely death serves as a HUGE red flag to all of humanity about the extreme hazards and risks directly associated with the exceedingly dangerous and deadly mRNA injections.

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