Most Americans still waiting for that white knight to swoop in and save us from our insane government


by Leo Hohmann, Leo Hohmann:

History teaches us that both major parties are good at one thing — advancing the interests of the globalist administrative state and its perpetual lust for war

The date of November 5, 2024, is less than 18 months away and I dread it.


Because Americans waste a lot of energy every four years focusing on presidential elections, and many still hold the dream of there being one man out there who will swoop in and magically return us to that shining city on a hill. Mr. Fix It is waiting in the wings. This has become a four-year cycle of distraction. An exercise in theater. I have no time for it.


There are many reasons why one man or woman is incapable of turning America around but first among them is that our system was not designed to be ruined or fixed by a single person. Our federalist system ensures that states and cities have the power to do good or evil on their own, regardless of who resides in the White House. Will the election of a conservative president, for example, stop New York City from implementing its newly announced plan to track residents’ food purchases and place caps on meat served by public institutions?

If you recall, when Donald Trump was president, he pulled the U.S. out of the U.N. World Health Organization and the U.N.-sponsored Paris Climate Accords, only to have major cities and states across the U.S. announce that they would continue to follow the dictates of the WHO and the Paris Accords.

Then there’s the issue of broken promises.

President Jimmy Carter gave us the U.S. Department of Education, which has been used to promote the indoctrination of students at the local level. This agency was, is and always will be wholly unconstitutional as the federal government has no role in education. Ronald Reagan ran against Carter and promised that, if elected, he would close down the unconstitutional Department of Education. Reagan was elected, twice. We still have the Department of Ed.

While running for president in 2016, Donald Trump said of Hillary Clinton that he would “lock her up.” But as soon as candidate Trump became President Trump he basically admitted that he never had any intention of prosecuting Hillary. In fact, he kinda likes the Clintons and said as much in his 2016 interview with 60 Minutes. See video below where he says “They’re good people!”

We’ve had nine presidential administrations over the last 50 years, five Republican and four Democrat.

  • Nixon/Ford (R)
  • Carter (D)
  • Reagan (R)
  • Bush Sr. (R)
  • Clinton (D)
  • Bush Jr. (R)
  • Obama (D)
  • Trump (R)
  • Biden (D)

Despite the relatively equal amount of time we’ve spent being governed by each of these two parties over the last 50 years, the New World Order has continued to march forward. Republican presidents have failed to deliver on their promises of smaller government while the Democrats have methodically gone about implementing the most radical elements of their agenda. So it’s an indisputable fact that both parties have presided over an exponential growth in the size and reach of the monster we call the federal government.

Both parties get their talking points from the same NGOs, outfits like the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR has served since 1921 as the nerve center of the neocon warmongering policies that envision America as the policeman of the world, quick to intervene in other countries’ affairs, rig elections, and foment revolutions if they don’t accept America’s economic hegemony.

And it’s not just American economic interests that nations must accept in order to avoid running afoul of the post-World War II rules-based order.

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