UN, WHO, Bill Gates are working to normalize pedophilia around the world: journalist


by Andreas Wailzer, LifeSite News:

The United Nations (U.N.) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are working to normalize pedophilia globally, according to Dutch author and journalist David Sorensen. 

“I’ve worked for several months now on gathering evidence that shows undeniably, conclusively that the United Nations and United Nations and the World Health Organization and other organizations like Planned Parenthood and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation […] are working all over the world […] to completely take over the education in kindergartens and elementary schools,” Sorenson said on the Truth for Health podcast, hosted by Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet.  

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These organizations not only want to “sexualize little children” but also “to tear down their natural defense systems so that they would completely be open for sexual predators anywhere, everywhere.” 

“They literally say every child is a sexual being from the age of zero, that they are a sexual being regardless of age,” he continued. “And that’s so having sex is their human right. Therefore, every child needs to have sexual partners and has to be guided by the schools to engage in sexual relationships from the youngest age possible.” 

In its “International technical guidance on sexuality education,” the U.N. promotes “comprehensive sex education,” which it says is designed to “equip children and young people with knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that will empower them to […] develop respectful social and sexual relationships[.]” 

In these guidelines, educators are instructed to teach children, starting at the age of nine, about masturbation.  

The WHO’s “Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe,” are even more explicit and start at an even younger age. For instance, it advises educators to inform children aged zero to four about “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body” and “early childhood masturbation.” 

Children aged six to nine years old are to be taught about “Sex in the media (including the Internet),” according to the WHO guidelines. 

Moreover, for nine- to 12-year-olds, the WHO advises educators to enable children to “make a conscious decision to have sexual experiences or not,” wrongly implying that children are able to consent to sex at such a young age. 

The Rutgers Foundation: A global network for pedophilia? 

The Rutgers Foundation is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is closely connected to the WHO, the U.N., and Planned Parenthood. 

Rutgers’ recent sex-ed curriculum, Spring Fever, “aggressively pushes the theme of homosexuality onto unsuspecting and vulnerable children,” Sorenson wrote in his exposé. He provides images from comics included in the curriculum that communicate to children that it is okay to have sex with other children, as long as it is “consensual” and they are at least 9 years old. 

A children’s book “recommended by Rutgers for use in elementary schools” teaches children about oral sexual behavior, according to photos provided by Sorenson. 

Global elites ‘serve the forces of darkness’

“You know, these people serve the forces of darkness, forces of evil in a way that you and me cannot comprehend,” Sorenson told Dr. Lee Vliet. 

“According to the International Committee of Jurists, sex with children should not be considered a criminal act if the child agrees to it. This ignores the fact that adults have a strong mental advantage over a little child who has no psychological defense against the persuasive powers of a cunning predator.” 

“They use very sophisticated techniques to mentally groom a child to convince a child that this is wonderful, it’s good, etc.,” Sorenson said. “So very rarely does it involve, you know, violence, rape. No, it always involves ‘consent.’ It always involves whether they use techniques, psychological techniques to get a child to ‘consent.’” 

UN’s push to decriminalize pedophilia 

In April 2023, three U.N.-affiliated organizations published a report that implied that sex with minors should be decriminalized: 

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