America’s Enemies Prepare for Aggression


from Moonbattery:

Nothing provokes aggression like weakness, so considering that Joe Biden has been made Commander in Chief, it should come as no surprise that America’s enemies are preparing to attack. Already our military bases are under siege as they gather preparatory information:

Chinese nationals tried at least 100 times to enter U.S. military bases and related installations last year.

The ChiComs aren’t alone:

Iran, Russia and terrorist groups from the Middle East are also involved Rep. Glenn Grothman, R-Wis., exclusively told in a sit-down interview.

Grothman links the threat to the border that Democrats have opened wide to all comers:


‘When you’re talking about the number of Chinese coming across the southern border, not that they’re all here doing intelligence research, but when it goes up by a factor of 80 in one year, you’ve got to wonder what’s going on here.’

What’s going on is that enemies without are exploiting the weakness imposed by enemies within.

According to US Fleet Forces Commander Admiral Daryl Caudle, foreign nationals are caught attempting to penetrate American naval bases two or three times per week.

Under Democrat rule, the military is more focused on promoting sexual perversion than on security. This may be why infiltrating bases is child’s play:

Border Patrol agents in the Del Rio, Texas, region stopped an SUV near Laughlin Air Force Base, which prompted a 17-year-old Mexican male from inside the vehicle to run.

He then jumped a fence and entered the base…

The runner was caught an hour after the breach and taken into custody alongside four adult men who were also in the vehicle.

All are believed to be in the US illegally…

A Chinese spy or Iranian terrorist could get a lot done in an hour.

Speaking of weakness inviting aggression:

China’s Eastern Theater Command on Friday released a simulation video of its missile forces carrying out a mass attack on Taiwan, boasting its land, sea, and air launch capabilities.

The 70-second hype video used a mix of computer-generated animation and live footage to depict warships, land-based rocket launchers, and jet fighters launching waves of missiles at the island.

Who is going to defend Taiwan? Joe Biden? Don’t make Xi Jinping laugh.

Soon we may be saying the same about the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Hawaii…

Eventually Democrat-imposed weakness will force us into a position where we have to fight — possibly at a disadvantage. Much as we value the heroes we honor on Memorial Day, there should never be more of them than necessary.

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