Watch: Something very strange is happening to bridges in the US—the third incident in 7 days…


from Revolver News:

Something odd is going down with America’s bridges. From an outsider’s perspective, it’s hard not to wonder if there’s a deliberate attempt to target our bridges, or if we’ve just hit a peak in incompetence thanks to the “DEI” mindset, or maybe our infrastructure is just falling apart right in front of us.

We’ve been keeping tabs on the sorry state of America’s infrastructure for years.



Infrastructure has been a popular cause on the right since Donald Trump’s presidential run began six years ago, and for good reason. If President Trump had started his first term with a massive bipartisan infrastructure project that included the Wall rather than following GOP hack Paul Ryan’s tax cut agenda, the country would almost certainly be better off. Spending money to develop America and improve the lives of citizens is a much better use of the country’s wealth than fighting forever wars in the Hindu Kush or simply keeping half the country on the dole in one form or another.

But there needs to be a degree of realism as well. In the country America has become, it’s never as simple as just spending money on infrastructure instead of warfare and welfare. Without truly ambitious, far-reaching reforms and a competent, non-corrupt leadership class to implement them, infrastructure is either a spoils system for special interest clients or simply an expensive effort to maintain a crumbling status quo.

Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Reveals the Poverty of Modern America’s Ambitions

Could it be a mix of all three? Whatever it is, with three bridge-related incidents in just the last week, it’s got a lot of Americans paying attention and asking themselves, “What the heck is happening?” Naturally, the powers that be are quick to tell us to look away, assuring us lightning-fast that everything is fine and it’s all just one big coincidence, and if you dare to question anything you see, you’re labeled a tin-foil conspiracy freak.

Sadly, we all saw what happened to the bridge in Baltimore.

Shortly after, there was this “spontaneous” fire that just happened to break out under a bridge in Ohio. Just a coincidence, right, folks? Don’t you dare worry about it or question anything.

And now, a barge just struck another bridge, this time in Oklahoma on the Arkansas River, where the bridge pillar and the cargo ship were damaged. Again, it’s purely a coincidence; there’s nothing to see here.

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