This Sabotage Was Clearly An Act Of War With The Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse Trapping Four Rapid Response Ships On Call To Support US Military Operations In The Baltimore Harbor


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

– How America’s Being Transformed Into A Sitting Duck For World War 3

If you’re one of those people who think that the sudden and shocking collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore might NOT have been a top secret ‘military operation’ of some kind, carried out by ‘enemies from the outside’ or ‘enemies of America within,’ we suggest that you take a look at a bunch of new stories out over the past several days.

Including this one over at the website ‘The War Zone’ titled “Two Of The Fastest U.S. Sealift Ships Trapped By Baltimore Bridge Collapse” which featured this lead-in sentence to the story: “The blocked entrance to the Port of Baltimore has stranded a total of four cargo ships that are on call to support U.S. military operations.” How convenient, huh?


With that War Zone story discussed in the 1st video at the bottom of this story by videographer Monkey Werx US, causing what this new Zero Hedge story called a “Huge Problem” for the Pentagon’s Rapid Wartime Response team, as ANP contributor ‘Alan Barton’ had written in a comment under ‘Bart’s Bantering,’ “that port is not a major one as far as economic materials go – Los Angeles is by far the largest in the US. BUT – it is a very strategic MILITARY center”.

As Alan also pointed out in his comment, with this massive collapse bringing with it major stoppages and problems just as we are going into WWIII, we’ll strongly agree with this main point of his comment: “this is another thing that proves this was sabotage, NOT an ‘accident'”.

And just when we thought there couldn’t be any more problems with that entire mess, we get this new Zero Hedge story titled “Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Container Ship “Potentially Atop High-Pressure Underwater Gas Line” proving once again that the problems with that mess have only just begun.

As this Zero Hedge story points out, while ‘Joe Biden and clan’ may have hoped for a quick clearing of the mess there, sending in a massive CIA-linked floating crane, along with other cranes, to begin clearing the mangled bridge from the shipping channel, which has paralyzed the entire port, this salvaging and clearing op may not go as smoothly as the Biden cabal had hope with Captain John Konrad, CEO of gCaptain, a website specializing in tracking the shipping industry, bluntly warning us the 984-foot container ship Dali is apparently “sitting atop a high-pressure underwater gas line.”

Reporting that the clearing operation will be delayed while the underwater line is ‘surveilled’ so that the EXACT LOCATION of it can be determined so that additional risks to the entire operation and that entire area don’t bring about a ‘worst case scenario,’ any high pressure gas pipeline being struck could bring about a catastrophe instantly, and it just so happens that the weight of steel/concrete pinning down bow of the vessel is estimated to be 3-4 thousand tons,” not to mention the weight of all of the containers on the ship that were being transported.

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