The Deeply Disturbing Post About Programmable Currency


by M Dowling, Independent Sentinel:

If you wanted to control a massive population, what better way than to control the currency through a central bank? The ECB is ready and they are rolling it out under the guise of making life easier.

As University Professor David Thunder says in the post below, the ECB is selling a programmable centralized currency that could turn everyone into economic slaves.


The ECB is selling it as something to make life easier. They won’t bother to say that the would-be masters want to put expiry dates on it. These same people could eventually control them completely and tie them to social credit systems.

The woman selling European Central Bank currency in the clip shared by Professor Thunder claims it will bring new business benefits.

Just say no. If the Europeans go for it, the cancer will spread.

ECB Chief Lagarde Admits Digital Currency Is “All About Power and Control”

The Alexis Show pranked ECB Chief Christine Lagarde. She thought she was talking with Ukraine’s President Zelensky. The woman in charge of the Euro was easily tricked. She also made a stunning admission. Lagarde said the digital EU system would be used as a control mechanism. It’s “all about power and control of the EU citizens.”

This is the important part: Lagarde’s comment to the fake Zelensky:

“She said that it is all about power and control. The digital euro will be a control mechanism for EU citizens.  She said that now as the EU, we are dependent on gas supplies from a very unfriendly country, and we need the digital euro to help us with that. And then she said that we have a threshold. The EU has a threshold of €1000 in Europe. If you cross it, you will find yourselves in the grey market. You risk being caught, fined, or sent to jail. But the digital euro will have limited control. She said that was the quote from some of the quotes from this prank call with Christine Lagarde.”

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