Rand Paul finally dug up the emails everyone’s been waiting for. Buckle up, Fauci…


from Revolver News:

It looks like Senator Rand Paul might have just dug up the emails that everyone’s been waiting for. He’s got his hands on a pile of them as part of his deep dive into how COVID started, and he spilled the beans on X. These aren’t just any old emails—they involve Peter Daszak and David Morens, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s right-hand man at the NIH. What’s the big deal? Well, they’re chatting about how samples from the Wuhan lab could unlock the genomes of over 700 coronaviruses.

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Here’s the kicker: Despite all the times Dr. Fauci has been grilled in Congress or talked to the press, he’s never once mentioned knowing about a massive stash of virus variants in Wuhan. It seems like a pretty big thing to leave out, doesn’t it? What’s going on here? Is this the smoking gun we’ve all been waiting for to take down the evil Dr. Fauci?

Here’s what Rand Paul said in his posts on X:

Newly discovered emails…

Ecohealth’s Peter Daszak: “we have 15,000 samples in freezers in Wuhan”

“… and could do the full genomes of 700+ CoVs [coronaviruses]”

Fauci flunky David Morens responds: to remain “silent” but “documenting these things for…your own defense.”

“…Tony [Fauci] is now fully aware…and I am told involved in some sort of damage control…”

Publicly Fauci never mentioned the 700 unknown coronaviruses still in Dr. Shi’s Wuhan Lab.

Nor did Fauci ever publicly admit COVID-19 could have been one of those 700 unknowns.

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