Our Govt Of Psychopaths Poisoning Our Foods To Carry Out Genocide Are Ready To Kill Billions In Nuclear War – It’s Long Past Time These Murderers Pay The Ultimate Price For Their Crimes


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

With America and the world now closer to an all-out nuclear war than we’ve ever been before under the reign of CIA puppet Joe Biden and his merry band of psychotic terrorists in the Pentagon and CIA, as warned in this new story by Michael Snyder over at the Economic Collapse Blog, a conflict in which billions of people will likely die with the world possessing AT LEAST 12,500 nuclear warheads and Russia and the USA owning 90% of those according to the Arms Control Association website, take note that this entry at Wikipedia reports only about 3,750 of those nukes are active for military service, but all it takes is one.

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As Snyder reports within his storyall it will take is one mistake for the world to be plunged into an unthinkable nuclear cataclysm that, once it begins, will spread like an unstoppable wildfire all across the planet and the very real chance that something like that could happen ‘by accident,’ especially in this day and age when psychopaths rule over America, are greater than ever before.

Warning that once a nuclear war began, the United States would be struck by ‘wave after wave of death’, with the initial strike killing approx. 34 million Americans, with another 57 million injured, many mortally, within just the first few hours, as the Snyder story warns, that’ll only be the 1st wave of death.

Also warning that those numbers only take into account those killed in one, low grade nuclear strike, and that those who are at ‘ground zero’ will have a 0% chance of survival, it’s clear now that a nuclear war with Russia would be only one of the ways that the CIA and ‘Biden’s death cabal’ would be carrying out mass murder, with the ongoing bioweapon attack upon Americans still killing people left and right with absolutely staggering numbers of previously young and healthy people falling deathly ill with turbo cancers still exploding, and the so-called ‘experts‘ still claiming they have no idea why.

And with Snyder warning within his story that the tens to hundreds of millions of people dead and injured within the first few days of a nuclear conflict would only be the beginnings of a catastrophe that eventually will encompass the whole world, he also warns us that at that point there will be no more supply chains, people will be fighting for whatever dwindling resources are left, and “famine alone could be more than 10 times as deadly as the hundreds of bomb blasts involved in the war itself.”

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