Mexico Runs Out of Farmworkers and Fentanyl


from Moonbattery:

Considering how many have crossed the Mexican border to take American jobs, it should surprise no one that Mexico is running out of farmworkers:

On top of the countless illegal aliens,

Nearly 300,000 a year travel to the United States on seasonal agricultural visas, a fourfold increase in a decade.

There is no one left to pick crops south of the border.


In a once-unthinkable move, Mexican farmers are now calling for a major guest-worker program of their own. The government is taking the first step, planning to soon open a database of 14,000 jobs in agriculture and other sectors to non-Mexicans. …

“We’re talking about Mexico having 1.5 million unfilled job openings,” said Giovanni Lepri, the Mexico representative for the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

Also pouring across the undefended border: massive quantities of the fentanyl. Mexico is running out of that too:

A report released by the Mexican government Friday says the country is facing a dire shortage of fentanyl for medical use, even as Mexican cartels pump out tons of the illicit narcotic.

I know where Mexicans can find some fentanyl: the streets of any US city. George Floyd is hardly the only American to die from it.

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