Florida is NOT California – Act Accordingly


by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

Please reside in a state that stands with your current political allegiance. This week has proved that the rule of law is no longer applicable to the whole of the United States. We are no longer united. In California, pro-Hamas fools blocked off the Golden Gate Bridge for hours as authorities stood around and passively watched. They seemed to be protecting the protestors over the people. In their defense, Governor Newsom would not have permitted anyone to step in as the left seeks to fuel civil unrest. The same zealots tried to block roads in Florida and quickly learned that California’s passivity does not apply here.

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I must add that similar protests happened in New York, another woke blue state, where protestors were permitted to block multiple airports and bridges. The Chicago airport was blocked this week too. They were able to chant DEATH TO AMERICA while burning our flag and threatening our national security. Imagine if pro-ISIS protestors were permitted to do the same in NYC in the wake of 9/11? It is hard to call these people “protestors” as they are protesting the existence of the United States, the same nation where they are seeking refuge and disrupting our peace. They are welcome to board a plane and go to their nation of choice to support them directly.

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